Fuse Collaboration have deployed and maintain a number of Intranets for our clients. These have all been built on Microsoft SharePoint and have been customised and developed to meet the individual needs of each client.

Why have an Intranet?

An Intranet is a central hub of company information which is easily accessible to all employees. It is typically centrally managed in terms of publishing control but editorial tasks are often delegated per department in order to keep content fresh and accurate. Department content is generally bubbled up to appear on the Intranet home page providing a global view of the latest news and information.

What Goes on an Intranet?

This is one of those "It Depends" questions but there is definitely a common set of functionality that you would expect to see on an Intranet. Most Intranets we have worked on have included some or all of the following features:

  • Message from Management - Appearing prominently on the home page, possibly updated on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Company News Area - Latest 3 appearing on the home page.
  • Company Events Area - Calendar format with Upcoming Events again appearing on the home page.
  • Company Blog - One or more contributors from across the company, latest post titles appearing on the home page.
  • Search - Providing quick access to all content across the Intranet and possibly external sources also.
  • Top Tasks Links - Providing direct access to top employee tasks such as Annual Leave Requests and Expense Submission.
  • Staff Directory - Listings of employees together with contact details, availability and competency areas.
  • HR Handbook - An area providing access to all employee policies and associated forms.
  • Company Newsletter - Often a Quarterly update that gets distributed across the company.
  • Quick Links - Per employee managed links to both internal and external web content.
  • Collaboration Areas per department - Team sites scoped to current projects, clients or opportunities
  • Poll / Survey - Simple question and answer to gather responses from employees

Why SharePoint?

SharePoint is perfect for Intranets and comes with out-of-the-box functionality that helps deliver most, if not all, requirements with few customisations. You may already have SharePoint installed at your organisation, if not you may have access to licences without knowing it. Either way it's an untapped resource that you should be using.


Contrary to popular opinion, SharePoint is easily customisable and can be made to fit your company's brand. This is all part of our service. 

What's next?

We would love to hear from you. We can come to your offices and help guide you on what your organisation could use on your intranet. The types of solution we offer range greatly, from small business to enterprise solutions.