Fuse Collaboration Services Student Portal starter pack helps universities and colleges reach out to its students by providing full Microsoft Office 365 integration and powerful information drawn directly from your institution's VLE, Student Union, Finance, Library, Timetabling software and other bespoke apps. 

Fuse Collaboration's Student Portal starter pack has been designed to improve student engagement and enhance student experience.

Fully integrated with Office 365

Through the student portal, Fuse harnesses the tools Office 365 gives to students and teachers to enhance success.

  • The student portal provides at a glance access to email, calendar, OneDrive and Lync on any device.
  • Office 365 enables teachers to keep their students informed and on track with Class and Group sites using SharePoint Online.
  • Store documents on OneDrive and access them through a mobile device.

Blackboard and Moodle

The student portal provides learning focus through key information being pulled from Blackboard and Moodle straight to the portal. Includes:

  • Timetables
  • Grades
  • Deadlines
  • Announcements

Get me there

The orientation tool that is ideal for new students and visitors on open days

  • Get me there takes you straight to any building or room.
  • Allows students to familiarise themselves with a city.
  • Allow sponsored content from shops, bars, restaurants and takeaways.

University System Integration

Improve user adoption through the centralisation of your universities core systems including:

  • Finance systems
  • Library systems
  • Accommodation and Estates
  • ​IT Services
  • Student Support Centre

Advertising & Announcements

  • Reach students 24 hours a day.
  • Communicate directly with students announcing updates, news and information with push alerts to their phones.
  • Create a revenue stream by offering advertising space.

Download the brochure

You can download a copy of the brochure for the Fuse Student Portal starter pack from here . To request a call back, or to book a demo please use our contact form here .