The Brief

A locally run group of recruitment companies were looking to:
  • Bring their online presence up-to-date, maximising the potential of social media
  • Bring the separate companies on to a unified platform
  • Improve integration with their back-end systems
  • Create a website that reflected a change in corporate branding whilst providing a more varied but simplified, functional layout.
  • Specifically, to design a website that aligned more closely with the daily recruitment experience.

What did we deliver?

Systems and Requirements Analysis
We discussed our client’s requirements and analysed their existing systems. Our client was familiar with SharePoint 2010 as they use it for their Intranet so it made sense to utilise this platform for their website also. The client actually consisted of 3 centrally managed but separate recruitment companies. The requirement was to deliver a standard platform and structure, but still allow for differences in content, function and branding.
Single SharePoint Application – Many Websites
We implemented a single SharePoint web application that contained a single master page and 4 separate style sheets (one master and one company override). We then implemented a central configuration management list that allowed content editors to set values specific to each company (such as Company Name, Address etc.). This meant that, depending on the URL being used to access the site, the appropriate content was displayed.
Content Management Training
We provided content management training for the editors allowing them to manage the site themselves moving forward.
SharePoint / ASP.Net Integration
The companies had a number of existing ASP.Net applications that ran beneath their existing websites (Timesheets, Registration Workflows etc.). They wanted these applications to continue running within the context of the new SharePoint site. Eventually we will be porting these applications into SharePoint directly but initially we implemented them as sub-applications within IIS and modified the configuration files in order to remove SharePoint’s own configuration implementation.



Website Features 


Jobs Page
We have linked a public facing job listing to the back-end recruitment management system so that jobs are on the website as soon as they exist. We have also extended this with a search and My Jobs feature where visitors can keep track of jobs that interest them. Finally we enabled users to apply for jobs through the site and also recommend to a friend. This was achieved through a set of custom web parts.
School Maps Page
Specifically for the Teacher supply agency, we created a School Maps page that presented a list of all local schools together with directions. With a single click, users could get a route planner to each school. Useful for those morning rushes.
Registration and Membership
We implemented a Forms-Based Authentication system that allowed users to register and become members of the site. This then allowed them to gain access to additional aspects of the site and also use the integrated ASP.Net applications.
Our client was able to fulfil all of their objectives with our streamlined SharePoint-based implementation. They were also able to reduce their hosting and development costs going forward as they were effectively only paying for one website. Combined with the improved customer engagement the website proved to be a great success.
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