Our client felt that the existing ‘out of the box’ SharePoint search features were inadequate for their requirements. They needed enriching to enhance the end user/customer searching experience. As a governmental organisation our client had to meet stringent accessibility guidelines for their web presence. This meant that web parts could not be used without applying complicated techniques to resolve their accessibility issues.

Our custom developed solution provided the client with a search page that delivered intuitive and relevant results. User uptake has vastly increased whilst the time spent searching has greatly decreased, enabling users to be more productive. This solution was delivered to an enterprise client with 5000 users and 10,000 customers.

As a Microsoft Partner we have delivered this solution according to SharePoint best practices whilst satisfying our client’s bespoke development requirements.

Solution Description

Company SharePoint Development Ethos - Our flexible and personable team of consultants and developers will work with you to develop a solution that addresses your own specific business requirements.


Approaching this project we knew that the site had previously been heavily customised presenting us with the possibility of some unexpected behaviour. We also had to comply with accessibility regulations that prevented us using web parts in any of the solution. The site is an important public resource and so any downtime periods needed to be agreed.

Our Approach

Our first step was to provide consultancy, aiding our client in exploring what could be achieved with their specific constraints. We made all changes available in a live, replicated staging environment, which enabled testing.

Solution Provided

Some of the features that were deployed in this solution were as follows:

  1. “Did you mean” suggestive functionality
  2. Pluralised Search Terms
  3. Search Results page enhancements
  4. Highlighted Keywords within Search Results
  5. Configuring Additional External Search Content Sources
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