Existing Fuse Collaboration Users can access their hosted services using the links on this page.

If you have forgotten your username or password please either:

  1. Email the helpdesk from your registered secondary email account or 
  2. Call our helpdesk on 0845 121 7766.

Fuse Support Helpdesk Login

Software-as-a-Service Login:

Providing Customer Feedback about Fuse Collaboration via Microsoft Pinpoint and the Customer Satisfaction Program

If you have comments / feedback to make about our services and your experiences with us, please submit your feedback on the Microsoft Pinpoint website or via the TNS Partner CSAT Program.

FuseCS Root Certificate

In order to trust SSL certificates issued by Fuse, you'll need to install our root certificate and CRL from here. Please note, to download the certificate you will need a username and password.