The Customer Requirement

Northamptonshire County Council’s hosting agreement for their internet, intranet & Community Portal sites had connectivity, reliability and performance-related issues.

The Proposal

The proposal focused on migrating and separating away from the Intranet site and placing the site into a new and more reliable environment. Fuse Collaboration teamed up with Kcom to offer a cost-effective solution for this requirement. Fuse Collaboration has a long standing relationship with Kcom, who, like Fuse Collaboration, are Microsoft Certified Partners, in addition to being VMware authorised hosting providers. We felt with our SharePoint expertise and Kcom’s hosting capabilities we would be able to offer a complete end-to-end solution to NCC.

Support of Solution

Support of this solution has been pro-actively monitored by both Fuse Collaboration and Kcom’s operations centre. NCC has seen considerable benefits from this pro-active monitoring. The prominent improvements have reduced downtime, fewer support calls are raised by NCC staff, and performance is much better.

Migration of Internet from the incumbent provider

Fuse Collaboration has already carried out a number of migrations of the internet applications between farms, for support and development purposes. They are applications we know well, having supported them for over a year, deploying changes and new applications, and many of the applications now contain large amounts of our own code.

Virtualisation – excellent benefits

The decision was made by Fuse Collaboration to focus heavily on virtualisation to achieve an improved performance.

Virtual machines are completely isolated from the host machine and other virtual machines. If a virtual machine crashes, all others are unaffected. Data does not leak across virtual machines and applications can only communicate over configured network connections.

Complete virtual machine environment is saved as a single file - easy to back up, move and copy. Standardised virtualised hardware is presented to the application - guaranteeing compatibility.

The Outcome

We migrated the applications within five working days including test days in between initial setup and the content migration. During this time we liaised with Acenseo to configure firewalls. The tight timescale was achieved and the solution up and running.