Fuse Collaboration has developed a secure data collection web application for local government organisations which can be used for a number of data collection tasks.

  • We can customise the application to fulfil your exact requirements for Data collection.

  • With a wide range of controls and the ability to group those controls into complex answer types, virtually any type of paper form can be replicated, and in many cases, improved upon.

The Organisational Challenges

Collection of key sensitive data, such as the headcount (names/ages) of children at Childcare Providers on an on-going basis, is an important task in order to keep data up-to-date.

Traditionally this has been done via the sending out of paper-based forms and questionnaires by post to groups such as childcare providers who then complete the information and post the information back to the Local Authority.

Once the completed forms are received back to the Local Authority, people are employed to manually enter the information into the relevant system(s)

The above points represent a number of organisational challenges for the Childcare Providers, Local Authority and the Environment which include:

  • Local Authority staff time taken to prepare and send out the questionnaires.
    • The use and cost of paper.
    • The cost of printing forms and then mailing them to childcare providers.
  • The time taken for Childcare Providers to fill in the forms and return them to the Local Authority.
  • There is a risk that completed Forms containing sensitive information can be lost in the post or mislaid and never make it back to the Local Authority.
  • The staff time and cost to re-key the information from the completed Forms into the relevant Local Authority system(s).
  • The handwritten completed Forms can be difficult to read, once they are received back by the Local Authority leading to errors during the manual data entry process - so the data is not necessarily correct when enter into the systems - causing problems later on.

In summary the business impacts are:

  1. High organisational costs (staff time, paper, postage)
  2. Lost staff productivity (manually entering, checking and re-entering data)
  3. Reduced service to council suppliers/providers
  4. Increased organisational risks (key data going missing in the post/mislaid or being entered into the systems incorrectly)

Fuse Collaboration have been helping customers overcome these challenges with our Secure Online Data Collection Solution which has been implemented by Local Government organisations.

Our Solution

Our secure data collection application is designed to replace paper-based forms which are sent to council suppliers/providers for the collection of statutory/financial information, by collecting the information through a secure website.

For example, the application's first use was for the regular collection of childcare provider information.

The application has the following features:

  • The Facility to create and administer bespoke forms. These forms can consist of any amounts of pages, on which there can be any type of input field - from a simple textbox, to sophisticated multi-row/multi-control tables.
  • The forms can be pre-populated with previously submitted answers if required, for cases where existing data requires verification or updating by end-users.
  • Users log in over a secure internet connection to complete the forms. They can save their progress at any point and revise existing responses. Opening and closing dates for responding can be set and enforced.
  • When the forms have been completed and submitted, the response data can be reviewed/edited online by the administrators assigned by the local authority, and exported to other systems for further analysis or data transfer.
  • Data is held securely and kept within the UK.
  • The Local Authority can easily and securely update council suppliers/providers at a reduced cost - sending info by email e.g. PDF information and notifications, instead of by post.

The complete application is hosted by Fuse Collaboration as a service and delivered to you as a complete solution.

We can also customise the application to fulfil your exact requirements for Data collection.

Using this solution:

  • you eliminate the error-prone and costly re-keying of data from paper forms.
  • The ability to pre-populate and transfer submitted data also reduces the time and effort required by both the applicant filling out the form and the department receiving it. This ensures your data is more accurate and timely.
  • The forms are simple to fill in and designed to be compatible with different internet browsers.
  • With a wide range of controls and the ability to group those controls into complex answer types, virtually any type of paper form can be replicated, and in many cases, improved upon.

The Solution Benefits

Our solution reduces organisational costs, increases staff productivity, delivers a better service to council suppliers/providers and reduces organisational risk.

The service can pay for itself in less than 12 months and then provides on-going benefits year after year from then on.

One of our customers was able to reduce organisational costs by £40,000 per annum whilst delivering a better council service and reducing their risks.

Next Steps?

If you are experiencing any of the above organisational challenges and would like to discuss in more detail how our solution might help your organisation, please Contact us today to discuss how this application can be tailored to your unique requirements.