Public sector organisations can now contract simply with Fuse via the Technology Products Government Procurement Service Framework – RM1054 (Lots 1, 2 and 3).

The framework is available to any organisation in the Public Sector as long as they are registered on the GPS website.

This exciting news means that any public sector organisation is now able to take advantage of the experience we have gained through helping our public sector customers deliver excellent public services with our services and solutions.

Fuse & the Public Sector overview

We have been successfully working with Public Sector organisations over the last 10 years to help them work together more closely with their end customers / citizens, local communities & businesses, other key public sector partners and internally between staff departments.

On-going pressures such as cuts to financial budgets and staffing levels coupled with a need to demonstrate how they are adding value rather than just costs, have forced Public Sector organisations to think and work differently and smarter. We have been helping them with these goals.

Through the use of our collaboration programs and services we help Public Sector organisations to increase efficiencies and effectiveness which have delivered the following benefits towards the delivery of their overall strategies:

Reduced direct and indirect organisational costs

Increased staff productivity

Increased service delivery & closer interactions with citizens, local communities & businesses

  • Creating and supporting integrated web portals linking the products & services from local businesses & communities with citizens, for example citizens booking Adult Education Courses online or organising Celebratory Services such as booking Weddings and all the various elements that need to be sourced
  • Enabling greater citizen self-service such as “Help you to Help Yourself” which reduces the overheads on organisations to deliver key services.

Management of business risk

  • Information centrally stored and securely managed reducing accidental loss or theft of organisational information associated with local storage of personal or shared files on PCs and Laptops
  • Impact Level (IL) accredited solutions adhering to government policies and data kept within the UK
  • Managed Service options providing access to a fully accredited partner giving confidence in the outcome and on-going support - with Public Sector customer references you can speak with
  • Audited Management of key Policy Documents solution to ensure organisations adhere to internal Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) policies such as Health & Safety, Corporate Guidelines and the Anti-Bribery Act - which need to be read and understood by staff plus proof provided when they have done this

Fuse Collaboration Services overview with the Public Sector.pdfFuse Collaboration Services overview with the Public Sector.pdf