Fuse Managed Services keeps things running smoothly.

A blend of automation, monitoring, proactive maintenance and excellent customer service.

The Business Challenges & Impacts

Your business systems and applications are key to helping your business grow. They underpin and support your business users so they can interact more efficiently and effectively with customers, partners and suppliers.

Finding and retaining the right qualified IT staff to support the key business systems and applications you have to support you business users can be a challenging and on-going task to ensure service continuity and minimise any risks to the business including:

  1. Having enough staff to provide depth of skillset for systems/applications as well as breadth of skillset.
  2. Working to ever changing industry and technology best practices.
  3. Needing to constantly keep IT staff annually trained and accredited.
  4. Covering any planned or unplanned absences such as holidays or sickness.
  5. Retaining working knowledge of the business systems if people leave the business for other jobs having left minimal or no documentation and/or provided no working handover of the systems.

We are helping our customers overcome these challenges with our Managed Services. Read more about our managed IT support​.

Our Managed Services

Fuse Collaboration provide a range of flexible and tailored Managed Services for our customers to help support and augment their in-house IT capabilities, backed up by agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

We have many long term relationships with our customers, built up over many years, where we are seen as a trusted partner and also help retain key working knowledge of our customers' environment(s) despite changes in their IT staff.

We specialise in Microsoft's SharePoint Collaboration Platform and associated Microsoft and IT infrastructure(Office 365, SQL Server, System Center, Servers, SAN, Firewalling) and leverage them to help our customers achieve their business goals and strategies.

We have been supporting Microsoft products for over 15 years - giving confidence in the outcome through working with us.

We provide the following Managed Services for our customers which can be provided in blended contracts:

Next Steps?

If you feel your organisation is experiencing one or more of the business challenges outlined above, and you would like to discuss further how we could assist you with our Managed Services, then please contact us.