​We're aware that if you need a system troubleshooting it's because its causing a problem and costing you money, which is never good. To help calm you down a bit, this page is about how you can engage us in troubleshooting, and what happens when you do. 

You can find out more about what specific troubleshooting services we offer here

System Down? Don't Panic - Call Us!

Fuse Collaboration's consultants have a wide range of skills and experience with Microsoft servers and networking infrastructure, which makes us the ideal people to call in a business-critical situation. Downtime can be far more costly than engaging a consultant - often as a 3rd party looking at the situation with fresh eyes, the solution comes to us very quickly. 

It's best to get us involved as soon as you realise the problem can't be fixed in-house. We'll need to know a few things when you call, so please have these ready - these may help you isolate the problem too.

  • What systems are affected, and how are they affected? 
  • Did the problem start (or was noticed) at a particular time, or is it an on-going problem?
  • Can we access the system remotely (over the internet), or is access only possible on-site?
  • Are any 3rd parties involved? This may include software/hardware vendors, other support companies, your ISP/Comms provider...
  • What steps have been taken to troubleshoot the problem already?

What We'll Do

Firstly we'll be honest - if it sounds like something we can't fix, we'll tell you, and try and point you in the direction of someone we think probably could help. This will only be the case for problems outside our areas of expertise. You can find information on services we'll definitely be able to troubleshoot here.

Secondly, we'll try and assess whether it's viable for both you and us to begin troubleshooting - being able to fix a problem remotely makes troubleshooting much more viable than having to go on site when significant travel is involved. We can also help you arrange remote support if it isn't already in place. Clearly the bigger the problem, the further we'll be prepared to travel to fix it, providing that's within you budget - which leads us to:

How Much Will It Cost? 

We will always give you a written estimate of how much we think a troubleshooting session will cost. This may be in two parts: For complex problems, we will have an initial assessment charge (i.e. time taken to work out what the problem is and what is involved to fix it) before we can then give you the estimate for the solution charge. For problems where we can identify the cause straight away, we'll just give you can estimate for the solution charge.

The minimum charge for remote troubleshooting is £80 (excl. VAT).

If the solution takes longer to implement because the problem was more complex than originally assessed, we will give you a revised estimate: at which point you may decide to stop troubleshooting. In this case we will only charge the original estimate for the time used and document what we have done - you will never pay more than you were expecting.

When Do I Pay?

For new customers, a valid purchase order is required for the agreed estimate before troubleshooting can commence.