Outline of Consultancy

Consultancy is the most flexible way of engaging Fuse, and is very easy to initiate. You get the benefit of our knowledge, experience and extensive resources, for as long as you need. Either call or email us with your requirements, which might be:
  • Troubleshooting a problem;
  • Installing a new system;
  • Upgrading an existing system;
  • Demonstrating a new technology;
and we'll put you straight in touch with the most appropriate consultant. The consultant will then discuss with you, in plain English, which resources are needed to fulfil those requirements - it might be just the consultant's skills measured in time (billed hourly or daily) or you may want us to purchase hardware and software too - at which point we may suggest a project is more appropriate. 
This will give us a set of objectives to achieve, from which we'll give you an estimated timescale of how long it will take to achieve those objectives, together with the rate. All that remains then is booking us in to do the work, which could be on-line or on-site.

Consultancy with Fuse really is just as simple as getting a plumber or electrician in, except we turn up when we say we will, charge what we quoted, and have the backing of the world's largest software company!


For short engagements (less than a week), we'll invoice you once the work has been completed. On longer engagements, or where software/hardware is required, we'll typically ask for a deposit, and may invoice incrementally, which is why a project may be more appropriate for more complex objectives.

Special Consultancy Days

We also offer two types of pre-arranged consultancy days: