Engaging Fuse in contract support is very straightforward. Once you've chosen your desired model, give us a call to discuss cover and pricing. If you're needing support for a number of systems, or more complex server systems (such as SharePoint), we'll probably do an assessment first. This is to ensure we give you the correct level of support.

The contract will be unique to your business, and set out exactly what systems we are supporting, how you raise support calls with us, and what level of service you can expect. Our contracts allow for lots of flexibility when it comes to the systems and service level, so if you find the business demands change during the life of the contract, we'll adapt the contract to reflect that.

Raising support calls is very easy. Most of the time you'll be using our web portal, which allows you to see all your existing calls, plus reports on support performance and usage. All changes to incidents are alerted instantly by email. For business critical incidents, we also operate a support hotline that goes straight through to engineers.

To discuss setting up a support contract, please contact us today.