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Fuse are pleased to be able to offer SkyKick Cloud Backup for SharePoint Online, starting at £2/mo to Office 365 users

Sign up today and begin protecting your SharePoint sites and OneDrives immediately.

Data Protection Required for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business

SharePoint and OneDrive have no archiving or expanded data protection features to recover lost data. With all you have invested in your data and 32% of companies reporting data loss in the cloud, a backup solution is critical for your business.1

Data loss happens, even in the cloud!

​Pepperdine University calculated the predictable cost per data loss to be $3,9572. However, depending on the content loss, that cost could be higher and even more devastating to a business.

Pie chart showing value of data loss 


Data loss can be stressful

Just the thought of data loss is stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. With a backup solution, instead of reacting in panic to a data loss event, you can instead quickly and simply restore that data and get back on track quickly.

​Causes of data loss in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business


Your Options

A Backup Solution

Pay a predictable, low, fixed monthly price per user to quickly and easily get your employees back on track 

No Backup Solution

Risk unpredictable and potentially devastating per-incident costs in both £'s and lost productivity  

Get back on track with SkyKick

With SkyKick Cloud Backup lost data can be quickly found and restored right back where it was with no overwrites.
That means peace of mind for you and almost no interruption to your business when data is lost.   

Skykickdemo.PNGQuick Discovery, One-Click Restore

SkyKick Cloud Backup delivers the complete data
protection and data recovery solution you need to quickly
find the data you need and restore it with a single click.

Comprehensive Data Protection: Unlimited backup,
auto-discovery, and up to 6 snapshots daily ensure
complete and up-to-date protection.
Fast Data Recovery: Powerful search quickly finds the
data you need and one-click restore puts it right back
where it was with no overwrites.  

Key Features

Easy Setup

  • Nothing to install
  • Easy to use
  • Set and forget

Unlimited Backup

  • 6 snapshots daily
  • No data caps
  • No retention limits
  • No overages or hidden charges
  • Peace of mind

One-Click Restore

  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Find lost data in seconds
  • Restore with a single click
  • Back on track quickly

1 January 2013 SaaS report by the Aberdeen Group. 2 Graziadio Business Review - The Cost of Lost Data - 2003. 

Download an information brochure on SkyKick backup for SharePoint Online here