Fuse can implement Public Key Infrastructures for organisations in two ways, depending on the purpose:

Internal Certificate Authority - For Organisational Use

Using an in-house hierarchy of certificate servers, linked to Active Directory, resources can be secured and identity proven throughout your organisation. This can be implemented using your existing servers and licences - usually the only cost will be for our project time. With an internal PKI:

  • users will be able to digitally sign documents and emails - enabling paperless processes
  • users can encrypt files and emails, and only enable trusted recipients to decrypt them - essential when sending personal and other sensitive data
  • IT admins can recover encrypted files - not always possible with ad-hoc encryption
  • All server and client communications can be encrypted - increasing security when there is a risk data can be intercepted
  • Connections to internal/extranet websites can be SSL-secured - ensuring sensitive data such as passwords and email isn't exposed
  • Exchange server certificates - secure Outlook Web Access, Outlook Anywhere and Mobile Device Access, and inter-server SMTP

As well as implementing the required services and polices, our consultants can also provide training and strategic guidance on how best to exploit an internal PKI, and how to extend an internal PKI to include partners.

An internal PKI based on Windows Server Enterprise is also an essential pre-requisite for running System Center Configuration Manager in native mode - enabling SCCM to support internet based clients, extending its reach to roaming users.

Comodo Logo

Internet Trusted Certificates - For Interoperability

Through our partnership with Comodo we are able to offer publically trusted certificates for a variety of uses:

  • SSL certificates for public websites - optionally with warranty, trust logos, extended validation and card payment acceptance
  • Mail server certificates - secure Exchange web access when used by multiple organisations
  • Wildcard Certificates - secure multiple subdomains
  • Code-Signing certificates - essential for developers wishing to have their applications trusted
  • Secure email certificates - send encrypted to anyone, essential for anyone working with sensitive data

As a Comodo partner we take care of the certificate generation, ordering, validation and installation of your certificate. We also offer a renewals service so that your certificate never expire. Please contact us with your certificate requirements and we'll give you a quote for our complete service. Certificates generally take up to three working days to be processed for new customers, depending on validation requirements - we ensure your domain is registered with the correct business address before applying.

10 Reasons to use a Comodo certificate from Fuse:

  1. Most cost effective, fully validated and fully supported SSL Certificates available
  2. As trusted as Verisign & Thawte, yet a fraction of the price
  3. 99% browser ubiquity
  4. Industry standard 128bit
  5. Validation processes as strong as Verisign and far stronger than GeoTrust
  6. 30 day money back guarantee
  7. 30 day free replacement and reissue policy
  8. Varying levels of warranty for specific site needs
  9. Free TrustLogo (worth £75) with every SSL Certificate
  10. Complete service from Fuse includes key generation, ordering, validation, installation, and support

FuseCS Root Certificate

In order to trust SSL certificates issued by Fuse, you'll need to install our root certificate and CRL from here. Please note, to download the certificate you will need a username and password.