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Everybody’s talking about the cloud.
Fuse can help you reach it.

Cloud technology — it's all you hear about right now. Fuse can help you make sense of it all, and show you how you can make the cloud work for you.

When you choose cloud solutions based on Microsoft technologies, we can help you reduce your capital expenses and save money by paying only for the computing power you need, and get to market faster by leveraging your existing IT skill investments.

Private cloud solutions feature Windows Server® Hyper-V™ and Microsoft System Center. Public cloud solutions support business productivity with Microsoft Office 365, and flexible cloud computing through the Microsoft Azure™ platform.

Whether your cloud is public, private or hybrid, we can show you a solution that’s more flexible, more cost-effective, and frees up your people and infrastructure.

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Cloud for large-scale web sites

Not long ago, if you had to manage a lot of requests to your application, you needed server redundancy, multiple tiers and lots of money. The cloud means with a bit of application development, you won't needs lots of money anymore. By placing the part of the application that serves requests in the cloud, you can achieve scalability and reliability, whilst simplifying the application. Contact us to find out how.

SharePoint cloud

SharePoint requires a lot of IT resources to run in-house and even more if you need to open it up to partners or the internet. A far easier, more reliable, scalable and cheaper solution is run SharePoint in the cloud. As holders of both the Microsoft "Cloud Infrastructure" and "Content and Collaboration" Competencies, we can transition your SharePoint solution to Microsoft's own SharePoint cloud, and enable integration between it and your other systems.

Contact us today for an instant quote and to arrange a free 30 day trial of SharePoint Online.

Exchange Cloud

In much the same way as SharePoint, running Exchange in the cloud makes a lot of sense - all the issues of storage space, connectivity, performance and availability are taken care of and replaced with one fixed per-user charge. Supported by Fuse and hosted by Microsoft in an EU-based datacenter, you can also request features such as encryption and archiving. We'll perform the migration and required integration work, and if you require some in-house mailboxes to remain (e.g. accounts, legal), we can enable that too.

Contact us today for an instant quote and to arrange a free 30 day trial of Exchange Online.

Private Cloud

Not everything is suitable for the public cloud - regulatory, compliance and sometimes just bandwidth constraints may keep a solution in-house. However, the benefits of the cloud can still be attained by applications using a private cloud:

  • Highly available/reliable
  • Scalable, with high performance and transaction throughput
  • Ubiquitous, capable of hosting many different applications
  • Automated of processes ensure it requires low maintenance and little intervention 

Using a combination of the system center suite of products, virtualisation and our extensive experience of application hosting, Fuse are able to design and build a private cloud on-premise or as a hosted solution.