Hosting the Way You Want It

Fuse Collaboration is a niche hosting provider.  We concentrate on providing high levels of service by being very good at running hosted services.  Each customer receives a highly tailored service, providing exactly what they need, scaling and adapting as those needs change. These services are backed by excellent one-to-one customer support provided by expert engineers and developers.

We began hosting applications because we were dissatisfied with the services available from large-scale providers. Our software developers were producing applications based on the latest technologies, and we found we could do a much better job of hosting those using our in-house infrastructure expertise.

Once the infrastructure was in place for hosting our applications, we found we could exploit this to provide other services - utility services such as email and databases - to customers too. We share the same platform as our customers, so we have a double incentive to ensure the platform is both responsive and reliable.

By staying small, we can concentrate on the details of hosting. We have to make sure each component of each service is performing optimally at all times. It also means we can create individual solutions very easily. Although we offer "packages", we encourage customers to tailor these or come up with their own solutions - if you need it hosting, we can host it.  

Examples of Hosted Solutions Available From Fuse Collaboration

Microsoft Azure LogoInfrastructure-as-a-Service / Hosting - Azure

  • Large-scale hosting for public websites with high volumes and 24/7 availability requirements.
  • SharePoint 2013 for customers who want all the features in a fully customisable platform they don't need to support themselves.
  • ​Cloud and hybrid hosting.
  • Website hosting, offering flexibility, scalability and reliability.

Office 365 LogoOffice 365

Low-priced packaged offering from Microsoft which allows customers to use Office, SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive and Skype for Business on Microsoft servers, supported by Fuse Collaboration. We take care of the integration and migration.

Application Hosting

Software as a Service (SaaS) delivered as a web application, or as a remote desktop. For custom applications, such as data-driven websites, or Windows applications such as Microsoft Office, Sage Accounts etc. 

Private Cloud

Take advantage of dynamic, high-performance web infrastructure without data leaving your premises - useful if legacy systems act as a data source, or many of your users are on-site. We build a private cloud on-site, for you to use as you need.