Why Host a SharePoint Site on the Internet?

There are two key scenarios for having a hosted SharePoint site:

  • Collaboration amongst remote teams of workers, e.g. working together and sharing documents and data with colleagues and partners in a different office or country.
  • Publishing information to the internet, e.g. a public facing web site (such as this one), or the large scale publication of documents requiring search and metadata.

By hosting your SharePoint site with Fuse Collaboration, you have the benefit of a proven infrastructure, years of SharePoint expertise and the ability to tailor your SharePoint solution to your exact needs.

We take care of all aspects of the service, including any custom development, content migration and licensing.

Collaborating with SharePoint

SharePoint allows teams of people to work together, using a browser and integration with Microsoft Office.

Fuse Collaboration have helped many businesses work smarter by sharing documents and other information (such as calendars, contacts and data lists) with their teams of remote workers and partners. 

By using hosted SharePoint at Fuse Collaboration, these teams can include people from different organisations, countries, time-zones - with no need to physically meet. This allows even small businesses to have the equivalent of a global IT network, enabling people to work from home or on the move. Store all of your data in one centralised, secure location, and provide identity-based access to it with security levels you can define. Powerful document management, search, forms, lists, contact and calendars can all be used to meet a variety of business needs, from organising important events to storing a company's entire data repository.


Our hosted SharePoint services allow full flexibility and are tailored to your needs. Smaller teams can use our cost-effective shared server option, which provides access to all the standard SharePoint foundation services features, including Enterprise Search, at a low monthly cost. Larger teams may wish to take advantage of the features provided by SharePoint Server 2010 (standard or enterprise) on a shared or dedicated instance. All SharePoint customers benefit from our secure, reliable infrastructure, 24/7 location independent access, and support from Microsoft Certified experts.


Because Fuse Collaboration provide every aspect of the SharePoint service on our own platform, we are the perfect one-stop partner for your hosted SharePoint collaboration platform. We can also provide Exchange (Outlook) accounts and Office (through remote desktop services or managed desktops/laptops) if you need a complete hosting solution, freeing up IT staff to work more with the business users.

Publishing with SharePoint


SharePoint provides a superbly scalable platform for internet publishing. As a Microsoft product with tight integration with the Office suite, it is also very easy for non-web designers to design and publish content in a highly controlled environment. With additional features such as document-level search, localisation variations, scheduled publishing and role-based content approval workflows, SharePoint is an exceptionally capable platform for even the most demanding of websites. 

Our experiences of designing and supporting both the infrastructure and application sides of SharePoint for large-scale/high availability public SharePoint sites make us your perfect one-stop partner for SharePoint hosting.