The SharePoint platform delivers a vast array of features and services to the business. Knowing how best to utilise SharePoint so that the business gets the best return on it's investment is a tough task for anyone new to the platform. Although SharePoint is usually initially "owned" by the IT department, it needs to be taken on board by the entire business to be most beneficial. 

This is where strategy that goes beyond SharePoint as an IT platform is crucial. Consultancy can fulfil an important role in providing this strategy, because as specialist consultants, we benefit from:

  • Full training on every aspect of the platform - deployment, administration, development and end-user features.
  • Access to exclusive resources from Microsoft's SharePoint deployment services program, such as presentations and workshops for end-users and stakeholders.
  • Years of experience working with SharePoint and other technologies across varying sectors and sizes of business.

Depending on how you use (or plan to use) SharePoint, your business may benefit from the following areas of strategic consultancy we offer:

  • Implementing SharePoint as a collaboration platform - working smarter;
  • Implementing SharePoint as a publishing platform - internet and intranet communications;
  • Business process re-engineering with SharePoint - integrating workflow with existing processes, using electronic forms, configuring external datasources;
  • Using SharePoint as an application platform - migrating data, related lists, views and content types, reports, KPI's and BI;
  • Replacing legacy and disconnected systems - using SharePoint as a datastore, reporting, import and export, tagging data;
  • Using SharePoint as a search tool - searching across your knowledge base, organising data, enabling people as asset;  

Like all of the services Fuse Collaboration offer, our strategic consultancy service is delivered as a partnership. We'll certainly deliver "quick wins" in the short-term, but we're more interested in delivering long-term benefits for your organisation. Only by doing so will you continue to invest in the platform and us, confident you have a stable, capable and efficient platform on which to run your business.