Our SharePoint upgrade service complements our standard deployment service, which with our strategy, support, hosting and development services for SharePoint ensure Fuse Collaboration is the perfect partner for any SharePoint project.

Upgrading from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010, 2007 or Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

The most recent version of SharePoint has a direct, Microsoft-supported upgrade path to SharePoint 2013 (Foundation, Standard or Enterprise). Upgrading is still a daunting prospect if your SharePoint platform for most though, as so any customisation, 3rd party web parts and even a number of configuration settings may not upgrade successfully. Using an experienced SharePoint consultancy like Fuse Collaboration can potentially save you hundreds of hours of costly downtime, lost data and on-going support issues. We assess your existing environment, prepare the new farm, and carry out test upgrades, ensuring the upgrade goes smoothly. Our Software Development team can fix or workaround any problem customisations, while our Managed Services team is on hand to take care of any "teething" issues in the new farm.

Upgrading from SharePoint Portal Server 2003 or SharePoint Team Services 2.0

Although there's no direct upgrade path between these products and SharePoint 2013, we can either perform a two-step migration (using an interim SharePoint 2007 farm) or migrate data using various tools at our disposal directly to a new 2013 farm. The biggest issue with migrating from 2003 is often the training issues surrounding making such a big jump - some strategic consultancy may be needed to ensure you get the most from all the new features.

Upgrading from legacy/other systems

If you have other content/collaboration systems (e.g. SharePoint 2001, Lotus Notes, Microsoft CMS, custom) and you need to use that data within SharePoint 2013, give us a call and we'll be able to tell you what can be achieved. We have access to a number of tools and experience in migrating many types and sources of data successfully into SharePoint. Our software developers can even re-write or adapt a custom system so it can "talk" to SharePoint if the data itself has to stay within it.