If you are looking for a bespoke solution then Fuse Collaboration's team of software developers can advise, design and develop a range of solutions to suit your needs. Whether you have a specific solution idea in mind or you have an idea that you need expanding on and bringing to life, Fuse Collaboration have the knowledge, creativity and tools to help.

With the .Net Asp.Netadvent of Microsoft’s .NET 4 we can use an even larger suite of tools and technologies to produce a quality product that has been through a rigorous amount of testing using Microsoft’s own testing suite. 



Asp.Net MVCIf you are looking for a new website or maybe an upgrade of an existing website then Fuse Collaboration can develop a custom solution using the latest tools and technologies. Fuse Collaboration have the experience of designing a range of custom websites from purely content based to complex, database driven sites. With the release of Asp.Net MVC3 the websites we produce have an even greater focus on testing and quality.

Mobile Websites

With more and more users browsing the web using their mobile phones, mobile web sites have become a must for all organisations looking to reach this market. Mobile sites have an advantage over mobile applications (e.g. iPhone apps) as they reach a greater audience whereas the applications are aimed at only one specific type of device. At Fuse Collaboration we have the experience and tools to create a mobile web site that is accessible from all types of mobile phone browsers.


Desktop Applications

If the solution you are looking for is internal then why not consider a desktop application. At Fuse Collaboration we can develop a range of simple to complex desktop applications using Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to give your application a quality look and a simple easy to use design.  We can then install the solution and its databases onto your own companies’ server and provide support and updates when required.