SharePoint development comes in many guises. We have experience of deploying successful development projects on SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013. Though you gain a vast amount of functionality by simply installing SharePoint, you can really unleash it's power by customising to meet your specific needs. Read more on how we can boost your SharePoint deployment in the following ways.

The key thing to remember is that while each of the below items can be a solution on their own, their true power lies in mixing, matching and integrating to achieve brilliant results.

Custom Web Parts

From simple data views to entire sub-systems, we can build custom web parts to suit your environment. These web parts can surface data from within your SharePoint environment or from other external systems. Better still we can mash-up multiple datasources and provide one single view of your business data.

Custom Lists

Using simple techniques we can create mini-applications for you with the infrastructure you already own. Whether it be Task lists, Contact lists, or "How I Take my Tea" lists, SharePoint provides a platform for quickly providing a solution.

Search-Driven Applications

It is now possible to index content (whether it be yours or others, internal or external) and business data and bring this all together in a rapid search-driven system. Search is the future of applications and SharePoint provides the perfect platform enabling this for your company.

Silverlight Applications

Silverlight is now built-in to SharePoint 2010 and allows for far more responsive user interfaces. Silverlight is now "Out-of-Browser" and is thus an option for all of your client applications. With it's tight integration with SharePoint, ease of deployment, and advanced capabilities it is an enticing offering.


Use SharePoint to automate your business processes. Eliminate human error and streamline procedures. All this with monitoring and reporting too.

Document Generation

SharePoint provides tools to take multiple data sources and generate documents. From customer liaison to Christmas Card lists the platform enables all scenarios.

Collaborative Solutions

It almost goes without saying that SharePoint is a collaboration platform allowing for one or many users to work on a single document. SharePoint 2010 has made strides in this area with the new Document Sets. This means that a group of documents can be managed as one entity whilst maintaining their separate purpose.

Metadata Solutions

Tagging is a growing form of navigation. In SharePoint this is enabled using metadata and specifically the Managed Metadata Service. Enabling the tagging of your content improves it's findability both through metadata driven navigation (e.g. Tag Clouds) and Search. There are well known stats on how much time users waste looking for documents (or duplicating them when they can't find them), clever use of metadata can reduce this cost dramatically.

Dashboards and KPIs

Visualise your key business data through KPI charts and reports allowing for quick analysis and supplementing decision making. This data can once again come fro many source but be brought together in your SharePoint site.

My Site Customisations

If you have deployed My Sites throughout your organisation why stop there? We can build solutions that target employee-specific data and bubble up that information into each user's My Site. Imagine each employee having quick access to their Annual Leave status, Expenses history and even social events to which they have registered interest.

Excel Services

Everyone uses Excel. It's the database for the enterprise. Excel Services enables the centralisation of the countless spreadsheets you have throughout your organisation. It enables easier collaboration, web-based access and also promotes the data stored within the spreadsheets as a first class datasource for other systems and applications to utilise.

InfoPath Forms

Microsoft's solution for building forms, InfoPath can provide the perfect interface for both simple and complex business forms. They can be used for internal processes such as Expense submissions or external processes such as Customer Feedback forms.

Custom Branded Site Templates

One of the first requests we normally get with a SharePoint deployment is to make it look less like SharePoint. There are some simple steps to achieving a custom look to you SharePoint site but sometimes you need a little bit more. We can build a custom site design specific to your needs. This can not only include a unique look and feel but also pre-populate each subsite with specific Document Libraries, Custom Lists, Content Types, Workflows etc. you get the picture.