Your Intranet, Anywhere

Our mobile intranet solution bolts on to any existing SharePoint site (2010 or 2013). It allows full access to all of SharePoint's features through a standard smartphone browser. The display and user interface are optimised for small touchscreens, making it easy to use while on the move. Security is maintained through using your existing intranet credentials, and can be further enhanced by using SSL certificates. No app or special configuration is needed on the phone, and it's compatible with every smartphone - including iPhones, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

It's of huge benefit to anyone who needs remote access to company resources, without the expense and hassle of carrying a laptop around. With this solution, remote workers can: 

  • Search for and view any document.

  • Fill out expense claims and timesheets.

  • Check team calendars.

  • Use any SharePoint application/workflow.

  • You can even check out and edit documents.

Whilst they'll be avoiding:

  • Having to phone the office to email a forgotten document.

  • Showing the wrong client name on a presentation, by editing on the go.

  • Using out of date price lists and other data, by always having the latest information in their hand. 

How does it work?

We take care of the entire solution, including the installation and configuration of SharePoint if required. We can also supply and configure the firewall that allows your server to be securely accessed from the internet, or alternatively, host the entire solution in our datacenter.

The solution itself is installed on your SharePoint server(s), and makes no changes to the way it works for existing (internal) users. Instead, it detects whether a mobile device is being used, and changes the experience accordingly. We can configure entire SharePoint sites to be available to mobiles, or just certain required applications - e.g. a job docket application for repairmen in the field.

Our developers can also create SharePoint-based applications for you, that can then be extended using the mobile solution. The benefit of using the SharePoint platform is the application is only developed once, and then used both internally on PCs and in the field on smartphones, sharing the same data. The extensive range of features available within SharePoint means that custom applications can be developed rapidly to your business requirements, whilst still being based on Microsoft's most successful application platform ever - ensuring longevity and support for years to come.