Fuse Hosted Skype for Business (formally Hosted Lync) - Fully Integrates with Exchange, SharePoint and Office 365.

Our cloud-based Skype for Business service is a Unified Communications platform, enabling voice calls to be made and received with any internet connected device.

The Fuse hosted Skype for Business service enables organisations anywhere to rapidly provision and deploy a fully-managed and full-featured Skype for Business infrastructure with minimal up-front costs and a simple per-user/per-month billing structure. Our hosted Skype for Business service can seamlessly integrate with any on-premise or hosted/cloud Exchange server to provide the full Microsoft unified communications experience, and function as a complete replacement for traditional PABX and call management systems.

With features such as advanced interactive voice routing, FSA-compliant call recording, and direct-dial to any device, this is the only communications system you will ever need.

Microsoft Office 365 customers can further enhance their user experience by simply connecting their familiar cloud-based Office environments directly into our hosted Skype for Business PSTN  service. 

The Office 365 integration to our service is seamless and very simple and straightforward:

  1. Your accounts will be setup as requested on our hosted Skype for Business Enterprise + Voice platform. We can discuss call routing/IVR setup with you as well.  
  2. When ready to go live, a few simple changes will need to be made to your external DNS (e.g. pointing to our service). 
  3. When using Skype for Business’ auto discover setting, users will not need to change any local settings (their email address is the same for their username) other than enter a new password which will be emailed across to users directly. 
  4. For integration into Outlook, Skype for Business will also ask for the Office 365 password. 
  5. Skype for Business Phones can be easily configured via a USB cable. 
  6. Office 365 users can now also make and receive PSTN calls from their desktop, wherever they are in the world.

Office 365 users will now have their Skype for Business as an IP Phone provided in the cloud (like their other applications) - to give them the complete package.

Skype for Business can transform your workplace and your workforce, making communication more collaborative, engaging and accessible from virtually anywhere. A single interface unites voice, presence and instant messaging, as well as audio, video, and web conferencing to provide a more intuitive experience, and a single identity makes it easy for users to find contacts, check their availability and connect with them.

Skype for Business Integration with other Microsoft Applications - to maximise ROI

Skype for Business works seamlessly and enriches familiar applications like Microsoft Outlook Email & Calendar Meetings, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint and more.  

Office 365 Outlook Calendar Invites - to setup combined Web & PSTN Telephone conference call meetings

There are no additional per minute telephone conference call bridging costs to pay with our Skype for Business PSTN service - it is included in our monthly pricing. The inbound PSTN telephone caller pays their normal rate for accessing one of our numbers.

Lync to phone Web and phone calendar invite 

Contact people direct from your Microsoft Outlook Emails using Skype for Business

Staff can access any of their Outlook emails both current and archive and instead of taking a phone number from the email signature and typing it into a phone, they can hover over the sender and/or any of the people copied into the email and can IM / Skype call or PSTN call / Video call or Email the person directly from their Outlook Email without having to leave the application. Details are pulled from the person's contact card.

The Skype presence information for any person copied on the email (who also has Skype and is either internal to your organisation and/or your organisation is FEDERATED with their organisation ) constantly updates all emails past and present based on their status - so you know if people are available to chat.

Also when you send an IM from an email, the subject line of the email appears to the recipient so they know what you are contacting them about - to save you time having to explain why you are contacting them.

Outlook Email and Lync

Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-site or Online Integration - seamless 'Click to Dial'

Lync integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Presence information is available for both the CRM staff user and the customer contact (if you are Federated with them).

'Click to Dial' direct from CRM contact telephone information - which can be directly out to the PSTN telephone network - without leaving the CRM application. You can then update the call information as a CRM contact entry.

FCS - L2P MS Dynamics CRM integration

Skype for Business Analytics

With our service we provide Skype for Business Analytics to enable:

  • Billing breakdown down to each user
  • simple department Cross-charging
  • usage & applications (Audio, IM, Video, Other) measurement and
  • ensure compliance
Lync Analytics usage

The organisational benefits of our Hosted Skype for Business Enterprise + Voice solution

  1. Reduced costs - customers have achieved >60% reduction in costs compared to previous ways of working
    • NO on-site Telephone PBX hardware, software and annual maintenance required - which can be a massive saving to a business.
      • No need to evaluate/purchase hardware or software solutions
        • No need to worry about upgrading in the future.
      • Easy integration of tele-workers and remote sites
      • SIP Trunking via Cloud
        • Fastest way to future-proof your company
        • More resilient and cheaper calls
        • No requirement for VPN
    • Reduced Telephone Line monthly rental costs
      • 40% off BT's line 12 month committed reduced rental price of £10.75 per line/month
    • Reduced per minute charge rates for local, national, international and mobile calls
    • Replaces corporate Web/phone conferencing 'point' solutions
      • e.g. Citrix GoToMeeting or CISCO WebEx or equivalent
    • Reduced business travel costs as more meetings can happen online - wherever you are
      • also reduces the carbon footprint of your business
    • Free end user to end user (Skype to Skype) calls
      • for your intra-company communications as well as calls to your customers, partners and suppliers who also use Skype for Business
    • Simple and rapid deployment plus simplified on-going technical support
      • Deploy along-side existing system and then phase out as required
      • Operating Expenditure vs. Capital Expenditure model
      • Flexibility: Scale up or down in line with your business requirements
      • Supporting Skype is no different to supporting Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Office
  2. Increased Staff Productivity
    • Staff have the ability and flexibility to manage their daily business 'Anytime, Anywhere' without being restricted to certain fixed office locations
      • Staff can download the Skype for Business client to their mobile devices (as well as desktop PCs) to access the service on the go
      • Connections follow staff wherever they are so you can become a more flexible organisation
      • Staff can federate (Skype to Skype) outside of their immediate organisation with other external customers, partners and suppliers to reduce costs further
      • Any missed calls are emailed to you via Microsoft Outlook with the Calling Line Identification (CLI) of who called
      • The service can take voicemail messages for you
        • and email you the voicemail message so you can listen to them via your PC / Skype for Business client
    • Increased responsiveness to customers to increase revenues
      • This is brought about by better collaboration – turning non real-time communication (email) into real-time conversation (IM and Voice) 
        • Also, better collaboration and tools means more productivity
          • More productivity means faster responses to customers
  3. Single communication system across PC, Mobile and Tablet saving time and making it easier to communicate:
    • Skype for Business
      • stimulates productivity and helps grow your business
      • simplifies the user experience for your remote & in-house workforce
      • provides simplified IT management
      • encourages growth and allows you to attract the best workforce by providing flexible working
      • is deeply integrated with Microsoft Office
        • which is familiar to end users
          • reducing training costs and
          • speeding up the time to receive the benefits
      • The Microsoft Skype for Business client is available for Windows and Mac
      • The Skype for Business mobile client is available for Windows Phone, iPhone/iPad, Nokia and Android devices

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