Fuse enables anyone, anywhere to use Skype for Business as an enterprise Skype for Business Logovoice and collaboration tool.

Our cloud-based Skype for Business solutions include a Hosted Skype for Business platform with integrated PSTN connectivity, enabling telephone calls to be made and received with any internet connected device.

Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync) has traditionally been used as an instant messaging and sharing tool in corporate environments. As features have been added to integrate it fully with Outlook and SharePoint, it has become a unified communications platform for the enterprise. Fuse has taken this platform and enabled it to be used in the cloud, by any sized business.

Hosted Skype for Business

Skype for Business Contact List with Dropdown

Calling Contacts

Skype for Business makes it easy to call your contacts direct from any Office application

Full featured Enterprise Skype for Business in the cloud, including voice services to the PSTN network, making this solution a complete replacement for an on-site PABX, videoconferencing and teleconferencing solutions. Fully integrated with on-Premise Exchange/SharePoint, and Office 365. Available internationally from worldwide datacenters.

Hosted Skype for Business...


Skype for Business Messaging with pictures

Messaging Contacts

Instantly send messages, invite others to your conversations, and share files and pictures - without clogging up your email!

An integral part of Skype for Business, allows instant collaboration between connected users, inside and outside your organisation. View presence and status information from your Outlook integrated contacts, and instantly connect in Skype for Business-aware applications such as Microsoft Office and SharePoint.

Screen Sharing

Sharing a presentation in a meeting

Sharing a presentation

Share a presentation in real time, or any other desktop application. Allow meeting participants to share their content, or control your desktop. Take minutes in a shared notebook, or ask questions and take votes via the message pane.

Skype for Business is a powerful tool for helpdesks, presentations and meetings. Use our Skype for Business service as a replacement for tools such as PCAnywhere, GoToMeeting etc., to reduce costs and increase user adoption. Organise meetings via Outlook, and have attendees call in via their Skype client, the web application, or just dial in using any phone.

Tele Conferencing

Having a meeting in Skype for Business

Have a tele-conference

Organise a meeting via Outlook, or simply invite your contacts to an existing conversation

Our Skype for Business services include multiple international dial-in numbers, so users without access to a smart device can dial in to your meeting using any phone, and pay national rates. Set up these meetings using your Outlook client, or have an instant tele-conference by inviting people to a conversation you're already in.


Phone any number

Dial any number

Use Skype for Business like a phone - with low per-second call rates, bundled inclusive minutes, and compatibility with a range of headsets and handsets.

Our cloud-based Skype for Business to PSTN service is a full featured voice platform, with integrated IVR, voicemail, call recording and multi-line capabilities. From small business, to call centers and multi-nationals, our service reduces costs whilst adding flexibility and features.

Hosted Skype for Business...

Video Calling

Phone any number

Make Video Calls

Make instant video calls, using mobiles, tablets, laptops - with HD voice and video

Skype for Business is ideal for hosting video meetings, with multiple devices supported, and HD video and Audio. See and hear participants in real time, share desktops and presentations, and take shared notes using OneNote. Invite participants from outside the organisation, who can still participate fully in the meeting using the Skype for Business browser-based client.