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Skype for Business is the basis for effective communication...

...and Fuse can help you maximise the package

Why is Skype for Business right for me?

  • Skype for Business can be introduced quickly and efficiently with minimal up-front costs and a simple per-user, per-month billing structure
  • Customers have achieved a reduction in costs of over 60 percent compared to previous ways of working
  • Increase staff productivity through flexible management of their daily business. Download the Skype for Business application to their mobile devices to access the service and be contactable wherever they are
  • Everything that is transmitted in and out for Skype for Business (Voice, Video, Web conferencing, Instant Messaging, presence, Skype/conference call recording) is 100% encrypted
  • Your Office 365 users will have Skype for Business as an IP phone provided in the cloud, like their other applications. Join teleconferences or video conferences with one click from a calendar or email invitation, make calls directly from Outlook emails, and see who is available among your contacts

Features and benefits


  • Instant collaboration between connected users, both inside and outside your organisation
  • Connect in applications such as Microsoft Office and SharePoint

Reduced costs

  • No on-site telephone PBX hardware, no annual maintenance
  • Reduced telephone line monthly rental costs
  • Reduced per-minute charge rates for all calls
  • No need for video conferencing packages
  • Free Skype to Skype calls

Video conferencing

  • See and hear participants in real time
  • Share desktops and presentations, and take shared notes using OneNote
  • High definition video and audio
  • Invite participants from outside the organisation
  • Computers, mobiles and tablets all supported


  • Fully-featured voice platform
  • Integrated interactive voice response, voicemail, call recording and multi-line capabilities
  • Low per-second call rates, bundled inclusive minutes
  • Compatible with a range of headsets and handsets


  • Share a presentation in real time
  • Allow meeting participants to share their content or control your desktop
  • Take minutes in a shared notebook
  • Ask questions or take votes in the message pane


  • Organise your meeting via Outlook
  • Invite your contacts to an existing conversation
  • Users can dial in using any phone

Fuse's services

Ongoing technical support

  • Supporting Skype for Business is no different to supporting any other Microsoft package
  • Scale your usage up or down in line with your business requirements
  • We can support both Skype on its own or as part of a bigger service

Direct dial-in and call handling

  • Import your existing DDI numbers and/or provide new DDIs if required
  • Unlimited menus and hunt groups
  • Route calls to anywhere in the world and out-of-hours support/messaging
  • Call barring
  • Fax-to-email capability

Call recording

  • 100% FSA compliant and fully resilient
  • Per-user, on demand hosted service
  • Secure HTTPS web replay from anywhere
  • Selective retention of recordings
  • Litigation hold for on-going cases
  • Multiple geographic back-up

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