Availability on Demand for Backup and Long-term Data Retention

On average, organizations experience up to four major disruptions annually. The cost of these disruptions can be staggering: as much as $1.5 million per hour. If the disruptions prevent organizations from meeting customer needs, or bring them out of compliance with key government regulations, impacts can be even more significant and far-reaching.

This solution combines Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR), Azure Backup, and System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) to create a workload-aware, best-in-class disaster recovery solution that makes it possible for organizations to recover from disruptions within minutes—and with minimal data loss.

Our site recovery solution helps you protect important applications by coordinating the replication and recovery of physical or virtual machines. This offering allows you to avoid the expense and complexity of building and managing your own recovery solution, by enabling automated replication of your datacenter to either your own secondary location or in the cloud. Doing so will deliver a best-in-class disaster recovery solution, making it possible for you to recover from disruptions within minutes and with minimal data loss and impact on the business. This is a comprehensive, unified solution that works across heterogeneous and hybrid hosted IT environments.


Reduce the impacts of disruptions on your business with an Azure-based, best-in-class disaster recovery solution.

Take advantage of newly released high availability and disaster recovery options.

Stay productive with familiar tools and a consistent operating environment.

Maintain data sovereignty with geo-replicated off-site storage.

Reduce data loss (RPO) and increase speed of recovery (RTO) even further with premium service level agreements.

Focus on the core business: let us take the work out of protecting your data and applications so you can free up skilled employees to focus on high-impact activities for your organization. We’re experts in all aspects of disaster recovery, so you can be confident in our solution.

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Pricing will vary based on the number of instances replicated. Pricing per instance will be based on the guidelines below. Please inquire for further pricing information.

Azure Site Recovery to customer owned sites.

£16 /


Azure Site Recovery to Azure

£25 /


Baseline pricing above assumes storage and data transfer billed seperately

Additional service offerings for other scenarios are detailed below


With Availability on Demand, the power of Azure is just a few clicks away. Simply connect your datacenter to Azure with Availability on Demand, and your data and applications will be available in Azure when needed.

  • Eliminate the need to build and maintain a secondary disaster recovery site.
  • Save time and money by eliminating tape backup and house up to 99 years of backup data in Azure.
  • Easily migrate running Hyper-V, physical and VMware workloads into Azure to leverage the economics and elasticity of the cloud.
  • Run compute-intensive reports or analytics on a replicated copy of your on-premises asset in Azure—without impacting production workloads.
  • Burst into the cloud and run on-premises workloads in Azure—with larger compute templates, as needed, to give you the power you need, when you need it.
  • Create multi-tier development environments in Azure with a few clicks; even replicate live production data to your dev/test environment to keep it in near real-time sync.

Availability on Demand provides a seamless connection between your on-premises production systems and Azure or a secondary site, leveraging the replication capabilities of Azure Site Recovery and the data protection of Azure Backup. With the ability to provide on-premises support as well as connect to Azure and replicate Hyper-V, physical, and VMware workloads, organizations can implement a true hybrid model and take advantage of compelling cloud economics and elasticity.

What's included?

By using this Microsoft solution set, we can provide comprehensive Availability on Demand in Azure for hybrid and heterogeneous environments, allowing organizations to harness a nearly unlimited amount of compute and storage in the cloud for dev/test, cloud bursting, migration, reporting/analytics, recovery, backup, and long-term data retention.

We can help define, create, and manage your preferred solution. Our site recovery solution can be tailored to fit the needs of your data security and compliance standards.

We will work with you on the following items through the offering lifecycle:

  • Requirements gathering (data compliance policies, required workloads and instances to protect, service level agreements, communication plans)
  • End to end project management for the duration of the engagement defined in the requirements gathering
  • Creation and migration/replication of all designated instances
  • Service management (datacenter monitoring, technical support/SLA)
  • Customized private cloud options for your datacenter

Basic architecture

We can customize the datacenter recovery options to meet your architecture and compliancy needs. The solution suits both physical environments running Windows, and VMware/Hyper-V environments running Windows or Linux.