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Instantly Recover Emails, SharePoint and OneDrive Content.

Months or years after deletion - with unlimited retention

Office 365 offers unrivalled availability and data security features to ensure your data is hard to lose. However, more than 75% of data loss incidents occur through user error - and sometimes these errors will lay undiscovered for far longer than the 30-day retention of Office 365 content. This is one of the reasons why having a reliable, easy to use, backup-and-recovery solution - running alongside Office 365 - is a must have for any business with an Office 365 subscription.

Having a separate backup facility for Office 365 also helps meet these objectives:

Archiving Content

Although storage is very cheap in Office 365, it may not be the best place to store content for very long term storage (e.g. 5 years plus) - content like this can quickly clog up your document libraries and search results. It's much better to use your online storage for current content, and let the backup system retain data in cold storage from where it can be retrieved when needed. Furthermore, backup systems are designed for this kind of long-term storage - it's not unusual to be able to specify retention periods of 99 years for example.

Recover Outside of Office 365

Some of the backup solutions we offer include the ability to recover content to a separate system - which could be another subscription, another location (such as on-premises), or even another environment entirely - making migrations between cloud services very easy. This ability also provides a further level of disaster recovery above those built into Office 365, as your business continuity plan could now include the ability to restore your email/SharePoint environments to a non-Microsoft system should Office 365 become unavailable.

Store Content In a Different Jurisdiction - Including UK

Office 365 content will always be stored in the region in which it's billed. For most customers, this will have no impact, but for customers requiring their data is stored in at least two geographically separate regions, our backup solutions ensure that requirement is met - for example, we can backup a UK Azure subscription (serviced from the European region, out of Dublin and Amsterdam) in the US. All backups are encrypted both in transit and at rest, so there it remains secure wherever it is placed.

We have several options available as backup targets - customers can "bring their own" Azure storage (storage fees apply), use our backup services unlimited Azure storage, unlimited AWS S3 storage, or even choose storage in an ex-military nuclear bunker here in the UK.

Manage All Your Backups In One Solution

For customers with multiple cloud or on premise systems requiring backup, we can connect to a variety of platforms using an agentless system, and back them all up in one easy-to-use solution. This includes both Windows and Linux servers (VM snapshots), database servers and cloud services such as Salesforce. Having all your backups in one solution simplifies your disaster recovery planning, shortens recovery times, and reduces costs!

Recover Content from Deleted Accounts

As well as being able to recover from accidental deletions by users, having a separate backup system also ensures you can delete accounts and save licensing costs without risking data loss. Ordinarily a users mailbox and OneDrive content would be deleted 30 days after their account is deleted/licence deactivated. With any of our backup solutions, you could recover any item or all of a mailbox's/OneDrive's content to the original or a alternate location, long after 30 days has passed.

Meet Compliancy Requirements

An Office 365 backup solution from Fuse helps with the following compliancy requirements:

  • Storage of data for long-term archiving and compliancy purposes (e.g. 7/10/30 years)
  • Data storage in multiple, geographically separate locations
  • Storage of data for auditing purposes
  • Meeting RTO and RPO objectives
  • Ensuring business continuity plans can be fulfilled with a complete disaster recovery plan
  • Ensuring Microsoft does not have sole responsibility for your data


All of our backup solutions are available as monthly subscriptions, with pricing based on number of licenced users, with unlimited storage and retention, or gigabytes stored*. Prices start at £2 per user/month. Please contact us for a quote based on your custom requirements, and to arrange a 30 day trial of our backup solutions.

*This is calculated after de-duplication, compression and encryption, not based on data volume.