​Fuse offer an end-to-end solution for managing information efficiently and effectively using SharePoint

Organisations can reduce data costs, drive user adoption and improve information management and compliance in Share​Point.

As a deployment partner for Automated Intelligence, Fuse are able to provide solutions which enables our customers to manage their information end-to-end through its lifecycle.

AI's solutions improve user experience, data compliance and significantly reduce the cost of managing and storing unstructured data. The technology successfully meets new requirements for data management, compliance, mobile capabilities and cloud computing models.  The products are designed to fit seamlessly in a Microsoft environment, whether that is online, on-premise or a hybrid solution

The Opportunity

Traditional legacy systems that are deployed for managing documents and information have proven to be extremely costly to buy and deploy as well as being poorly adopted. With data volumes increasing exponentially, businesses are faced with rising data management costs.   It is therefore key to focus on driving data value, reducing costs and improving user experience. In order to simplify data management and reduce costs, organisations have a need to migrate only relevant and corporately required data to a single consolidated and cleansed environment.

  AI Overview

Analyse and Optimise

Organisations can analyse and optimise their existing data holdings, reducing costs and increasing data quality with the help of the following products:

AI.ANALYTICS analyses and profiles unstructured data to identify opportunities and improvements through the better management of their unstructured data. Using this tool, organisations can quantify cost savings and efficiencies.

AI.DATAPOINT cleanses, categorises, manages and migrates content automatically to SharePoint – either on premise, in the cloud or a hybrid of both. Using this method can provide a typical cost saving of up to 58%.

AI.FILEMANAGER simplifies and automates archival, retrieval and retention of data on secure cost effective On-premise, cloud or hybrid platforms.


Organisations can exploit their data through managed compliance and increased governance for SharePoint and can enable better connected working through Cloud and Mobile platforms through the following technology:

AI.COMPLIANCE EXTENDER provides the additional necessary functionality to enable a cost effective solution for information governance and records management, removing the need for traditional Electronic Documents and Records Management System

AI.SYNCPOINT seamlessly integrates Outlook and SharePoint, so that users can drag and drop their emails into SharePoint and access their SharePoint libraries and content through Outlook.

AI.ASSURE applies, monitors and controls Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) policy across SharePoint

AI.MOBILE is an enterprise policy and governance management solution that enables secure access to all organisational information via mobile devices.