Who Needs an Extranet?

An Extranet enables organisations to securely engage with people outside of their network, in much the same way as their employees do.

Fuse Collaboration have developed a secure extranet solution based on SharePoint that can rapidly deliver the solutions below: 

  • Sharing live data with suppliers.
  • Collaborating on documents in real-time with partners.
  • Supporting service and sales representatives with wiki-style documentation and online forms. 
  • Provide feedback/after-sales forums for customers and vendors.
Extranet Login Screenshot 

Features of a Fuse Collaboration Extranet Solution for SharePoint

Extranet new user form screenshot  

These are simple examples of what an extranet can do for a typical business - being based on SharePoint, the platform is flexible enough to suit many other scenarios.

Our extranet solution extends that flexibility to users outside the organisation through a number of fully-customisable features:

  • Register users through the extranet site, capturing any information required for either automatic or moderated approval.
  • Fully automated password retrieval and update system.
  • Manage users according to role, integrated with SharePoint's built-in security system.
  • Usernames based on email addresses, ensuring uniqueness.
  • Policy based password change schedule and strength requirements, to increase security for sensitive applications.
  • No extranet accounts stored in Active Directory - eliminating any possibility of external users compromising internal resources.

Our extranet solution is provided as a complete solution - we work with you to define what your extranet requires, and then deliver those requirements. This can include a SharePoint farm installation, configuration of an existing farm, and any firewall changes. Plus of course we'll ensure your extranet reflects the organisations branding and provide any support required.

As with all our SharePoint solutions, we can also provide a mobile/tablet optimised version of the extranet, so that it can be used on any device, anywhere.