The requirements and expectations for today's websites have come a long way in recent years. Responsive design, multi-device targeting and a full-featured publishing platform that integrates with business data are key requirements. Our Content Management System of choice is Microsoft SharePoint, as it ticks all these boxes.

SharePoint on the Internet?

Whilst SharePoint is traditionally used inside the firewall its use as a public facing web platform has greatly increased in the last 3 years. Just take a look at to see examples of this. In fact this very website appeared at the top of's top rated websites built on SharePoint shortly after it's launch. The website below, is maintained by Fuse on SharePoint 2013 in Microsoft's Azure datacenters.

Example of a SharePoint website 

Larger organisations can reap many benefits by implementing SharePoint as their internet platform.

  • CMS Publishing System
  • Content Approval Process
  • Granular User Permissions
  • Powerful Search Functionality
  • Multiple Built-In Web Parts
  • Document and Image Management
  • Video and Media Management
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Fully customisable using Master Pages, Page Layouts and CSS
  • Lists for data storage
  • InfoPath for rich forms
  • Event / Calendar support
  • Silverlight WebParts
  • User Profiles and built-in Authentication

The key advantage of SharePoint is that it can be the one platform that companies can reuse across the organisation (think Intranet, Application Development, Collaboration, Social Enterprise, Dashboard Reporting etc.). This then enables cost saving on licences, infrastructure, and most importantly - training for both users and the support team, as well as tight integration between systems.

What Can Fuse Do?

Whether or not you already have SharePoint installed we can take your website wish list and turn it into reality. Choose your features and we can guide you to the most cost effective solution. We have the development expertise to customise the site exactly how you need it. We can even host the site for you.

Get in touch with our technical team to start discussions on how we bring you the online presence needed to stay ahead of the competition.