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Ensuring that My Sites are used in a compliant manner

For businesses and organisations that use SharePoint, compliance and acceptable usage issues are of increasing concern. One of the features of SharePoint where this is most apparent are My Sites.
My Sites are a unique type of site within SharePoint in that they are generated through an automated process. It is particularly difficult to modify this process in order for a custom site definition to be used. We utilise a technique known as 'Stapling' to attach functionality to the existing My Site definition in accordance with the best practice approach for applying customisations.
We recently delivered this solution for a client who required users to Agree to a Terms of Use policy when they access their My Site portal for the first time. Our solution is flexible and allows for the necessary data collection that will provide our client with the data required in the event that any proceedings need to be carried out for misuse of My Sites. The solution not only delivers the required functionality but also provides a platform for further My Site customisations in future.
As part of such a custom solution we can offer a handover, walkthrough and full documentation. If your business could benefit from our My Site customisation, or you require any other SharePoint development, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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