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How Do Businesses Benefit Using Managed IT Services for Email Management?

How Do Businesses Benefit Using Managed IT Services for Email Management?
How Do Businesses Benefit Using Managed IT Services for Email Management?

There are several ways that businesses benefit from instructing a managed IT services provider (MSP) to manage their emails. From saving resources to productivity tools, in this blog we explain why having a managed email service helps businesses from small to large.  


Email Management Services to Save Time 

Outsourcing email management to qualified and competent IT professionals takes the pressure off your staff who could be spending that time on their actual roles. General email management includes creating and deleting email addresses, assigning new access policies, resetting credentials, training, and dealing with email related cyber threats such as phishing scams. As part of an MSPs remit, their team has the time and resources to manage all this efficiently.  


Saving Money with Managed Email Services 

We’re not just talking staff salaries here. MSPs pay for software licences, hosting, and subscription fees on a more wholesale basis, than an individual business does. When an MSP looks after several clients, they work on economies of scale, and therefore pass those savings onto their clients. This often means that it’s more cost-effective to outsource your email management than pay people in-house. It can also give you access to more productivity tools and storage than you would otherwise have.  


Resolving Email Issues with Managed IT Support 

Being able to escalate IT issues to a team of experts who can handle a wide range of different problems is always going to be more effective, and efficient, than trying to fix them yourself. Although most email providers have numbers you can call for support, their free and low-price support tiers won’t cover much above basic troubleshooting. The more complex the issue, the higher the price. An MSP has a team of IT experts capable of fixing complicated problems as well as everyday minor hiccoughs. Not only this, but they work collaboratively with your business to help prevent complex problems from occurring in the first place.  


Growing Email Capabilities with a Managed IT Service Provider 

All the best email platforms come with options to grow with your business, but managing them yourself can be daunting, and takes you away from your main role. Scalability goes both ways, and an MSP can both onboard and remove users with ease. Their skills will also cover managing cyber threats, mailboxes, backups, maintenance, and storage that grow as your business does. 


What Extras Come with Outsourcing Email Management?  

As mentioned, using an MSP for email management can give you access to additional productivity tools. These could include media, storage, analysis, and design apps specifically created alongside email services, to improve collaboration and communications across all areas of a businesses.  


Does a Managed Service IT Provider Improve Cybersecurity? 

Last but definitely not least, emails are easy targets for fraud, malware, phishing scams and a host of other worrying cyber threats. Even if you do not use an MSP for anything else, their management of your email services will offer a greater amount of protection due to their expertise and skills at administering cyber security in general.  


At the end of the day, emails are not just a communication tool, but they also showcase your brand and serve as records. There is more to email management than anyone initially thinks, so the benefits of using a managed IT services provider won’t just give you time back and save money, it will keep your company more secure and increase productivity.  

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Fuse is a Microsoft Partner, based in Northampton. We help organisations of all sizes to maximise IT efficiencies through the use of Microsoft cloud computing solutions.

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