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Getting IT right from the start

As a start-up business what are your priorities? Getting an accountant, registering at Companies House, putting a business plan together, and identifying your market and potential customers are all going to be up there.

But how much time are you spending thinking about making sure your IT is right from the start?

Go on, be honest. If you’re using your existing laptop or tablet – especially if you are a one-person operation – then it’s not likely to be that long. After all, you will probably have Word, Excel, PowerPoint (or a Mac or Linux version thereof), an internet browser, social media accounts and maybe a hard drive to cover things as a basic back-up for your computer.

The tightening data protection regulations and regular changes to other relevant legislation should be enough to make you consider how you are going to establish your IT infrastructure.

And if you are going to be optimistic and plan for continued growth over the short, medium and longer terms you need to make sure that the foundations are in place right from your first day of trading. There is no difference between that and your physical premises – an extension is only as solid as the foundations that it is built on.

Fuse Collaboration Services is the ideal partner for any small or start-up business.

We know that one size does not fit all and tailor our approach to your specific needs. And because we use all of the software that we sell we know how to maximise the licences that you have, not selling you things that you do not need.

This extends to hardware, too. Because our solutions are based in the cloud you will not need to buy expensive servers or new computers.

Instead we will make sure that what you already have is optimised with the latest packages and secure access to your data, wherever you are in the world. And with our hosting based in Microsoft’s global network of datacentres you can have the peace of mind that comes from state-of-the-art security.

More importantly, all of our packages are scalable, so as your business develops and expands your IT infrastructure and provision grows with you.

We put people, not computers, at the heart of our work, and believe that all companies deserve great IT, no matter the size. We do what we do best, delivering the advantages that enable you to succeed.

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Fuse is a Microsoft Partner, based in Northampton. We help organisations of all sizes to maximise IT efficiencies through the use of Microsoft cloud computing solutions.

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