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How does business carry on when staff can't be in the building?

In IT, we often think about business continuity being a data problem – the recovery of data and systems in the event of a corruption, data loss, or malicious action for example. But recent events have made us think more about how IT needs to handle people related risks.

In the past few weeks, the news has highlighted just how suddenly things can go from business as usual to full disaster recovery needed. Floods and power cuts are undoubtedly becoming more common as a result of climate change, which may directly affect a business premises, or the staff’s ability to get into work. Whilst the rapid spread of Covid-19 and the quarantine precautions needed to limit that spread, also highlight how needing to have people in a building is also a risk to business continuity, when some or all of them might need to stay at home for two weeks or more.

In these situations, IT would need to respond by rapidly providing an alternate way for staff to work – either from home, or another location. There’s a new solution from Microsoft that allows this to happen, quickly, securely, and without needing to spend money on hardware when budgets might already be stretched.

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is an Azure solution that allows businesses to rapidly stand up an entire IT infrastructure within hours, and let staff access it from any device using simply a browser. Because all the data remains in Azure, there’s no problem with allowing people to use their own devices – even if all they have at home is an iPad or Netbook, they’ll still be able to run all their Windows applications in a familiar, Windows desktop with all the resources they need.

 With Fuse’s expertise, we can even connect your data and applications, wherever they are running – or recover those to Azure too, if needed. And because it’s a pay as you go solution, you can use it for as long as you need – once the business is back on its feet, you can close the recovery environment down and stop paying for it. Of course, you might find it’s just a better way of working anyway – in which case, we can turn the recovery environment into the business as usual environment!



About the author

Andy Walman

Head of Infrastructure

Andrew has been a part of the Fuse team since day one. He is responsible for successfully migrating your business from one based on servers to the cloud, ensuring that you have the products and solutions that you need to enhance your operations, along with a suitable and efficient system design. He will also talk you through the process step-by-step to ensure that you have all the information you need to understand how to maximise this new support​.

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