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How to Get the Best Out of Microsoft SharePoint - 3 Practical Tips

SharePoint is Microsoft's premier remote collaboration and intranet management software suite, included free with all Office 365 subscriptions. While SharePoint itself has been around for a very long time (since 2001), recent upgrades and cloud integration have made it the tool of choice for companies looking for easy-to-use productivity set for distanced, collaborative office work. Along with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint's popularity has increased during the Coronavirus crisis.

While SharePoint allows virtual environments and shared files to be created and modified via OneDrive, Office, and Outlook, there are also some useful features in SharePoint that most inexperienced managers and employees tend to overlook. Here's how to get the most out of SharePoint's less obvious online features.

Create Intranet Pages for your Employees

Did you know SharePoint supports dynamic intranet webpages that you can edit yourself? By creating news pages for different areas of your business, you can relay relevant info to staff faster, confidentially, and more effectively via your internal intranet. Mini-site bulletins can also cut down on the need for individual staff emails and memos, saving time, effort, and printer ink.

Group Calendars

If you're working in many different locations due to the nature of your company or COVID-19, it can be tricky to keep track of everyone's meetings, appointments, and deadlines. SharePoint supports overlaying many calendar sources in one view, including Outlook, allowing you to pool information in one huge calendar. This 'at-a-glance' scheduling enables improved organisation and logistical timing, enhancing overall productivity. You can also set up brand new shared calendars from the dashboard - useful for marshalling shared departmental projects.

Shared Wikis

SharePoint also supports internal wiki documentation. A wiki allows all users to contribute to shared manuals and internal documentation using simple editing tools. Think of it as a series of shared whiteboards that you can quickly use to get everyone reading from the same page.

SharePoint and Cloud Support from Fuse Collaboration

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