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How Safe Is Your Business from Ransomware? Cloud Data Backup is the Answer

How Safe Is Your Business from Ransomware? Cloud Data Backup is the Answer

Ransomware attacks can be devastating to a company. These seemingly random incidents are on the rise, and criminals are preying on fears and insecurities arising from the pandemic - so make sure your business is safe.

A Growing Problem For Small Businesses

Ransomware attacks have been increasing for the last few years. While high-profile targets include currency exchange company Travelex, and even Redcar Borough Council, the vast majority of these attacks never make the headlines.

In a ransomware attack, hackers seize a company's computer systems. By exploiting weaknesses, they effectively lock legitimate users out - until a ransom is paid. The ransom, paid in a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, isn’t usually huge, but the subsequent IT downtime can have a drastic knock-on effect across the business.

Small to medium size businesses are particularly vulnerable to ransomware attacks. This is especially true if there are inadequate IT support services in place. As hackers become more sophisticated, defence systems need to change and develop, too.

Fighting Back

By the time a ransomware attack happens, it's usually too late. In this case, then, prevention is better than cure. Cloud data backup offers a useful solution. By using cloud systems, you're no longer relying on vulnerable individual machines. Your valuable information is stored securely and can still be accessed. Managing their cloud-based storage might not be top of a small-business. Luckily, Fuse has the expertise to step in and help set up an anti-attack strategy to keep your data safe.

Cloud Storage For Security

At Fuse, we have championed the use of Microsoft Azure, one of the best cloud systems available for small and medium businesses. The Azure firewall uses multiple layers of defence, such as multi-factor authentication, risky sign-in detections, and real-time threat analytics thwart would-be attackers and keep your data safe from harm.

Azure works in conjunction with Microsoft programmes you may already use, such as Office and Microsoft 365. Fuse can migrate a company's entire IT infrastructure into Azure. This means that, if you are unlucky enough to be targeted by a ransomware attack, your company will not suffer from system downtime as a consequence. Azure site recovery will help restore your systems and information.

If you do suffer such an attack, Fuse can act as first line IT support, providing the help you need to get things back on track.

A Stitch In Time

A government-commissioned report has found that 43% of British businesses have suffered a cyber security attack or breach. Not all of those are of the same level of severity - but nevertheless, even a small attack can cause problems. Nip those in the bud by setting up a system to stop attacks before they happen. Call us to find out more.

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