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How to Save Time and Money on Cloud Services with Microsoft 365

How to Save Time and Money on Cloud Services with Microsoft 365

If there’s been one theme of the past ten years, it’s been more and more software platforms have migrated to cloud versions, the result being that many businesses now use several (or more) distinct cloud services. Microsoft 365 can help you integrate and streamline these functions, saving you time and money in the process. In this article, we examine three reasons why migrating to this platform can provide your business with a competitive edge.

1. Centralisation And Integration

Microsoft 365 has revolutionised cloud services through its ability to centralise many in-house tasks into a single interface. Consolidating third-party products such as Dropbox, Salesforce and Slack into a single platform can dramatically reduce in-house operational costs; allowing your business to focus on client engagement and product marketing.

2. User-Friendly Framework

Microsoft 365 also has an intuitive and straightforward UX (user experience), that most people with a working familiarity with Microsoft software can pick up quickly. While there are many utilities included in the platform, these are presented in a unified dashboard that can be accessed easily – and in full – from any internet-enabled device. This is a great benefit when addressing team projects, as well as any task which requires collaboration at a distance.

3. Enhanced Security Protocols

Recent statistics have shown that 88% of UK businesses have suffered at least one attempted data breach within the past 12 months. Companies that do have a data breach typically spend a lot more (time and money) resolving that situation post-event, than they would in preventing it.
Microsoft 365 offers a way to mitigate this risk by allowing users to identify, collate and classify sensitive information. Microsoft’s industry-leading cloud security protocols block unauthorised entries while providing customisable levels of access for authorised users.

Find Out More

Microsoft 365 may be the best investment you make in 2021, and has the potential for wide-ranging productivity and time-saving benefits for your whole team. Get in touch to find out how using Microsoft 365 alongside a certified partner, such as Fuse Collaboration, can help you make full use of the platform’s features and benefits.

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