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Why  Should You Purchase Your Azure Subscription Through Fuse?


If you need a flexible data management and application hosting platform that gives you control over how best to run your business, Microsoft Azure could be for you. Azure is a cloud-based framework that brings together over 200 subscription-based infrastructure, software, and platform applications, allowing you to run custom applications on multiple clouds, on-site, or in tandem, with the tools of your choice.

Fuse Collaboration: Certified Experts In Azure

Azure is a flexible and extremely powerful cloud-based application, but is also complicated – and comes with a steep learning curve for people without a technical background. This is the reason why, of all the thousands of businesses that subscribe to Microsoft Azure independently, only a minority use the platform to its full potential.

With a managed Azure subscription through Fuse Collaboration, you gain access to exceptional technical expertise and knowledge. It’s like having a team of Microsoft-trained specialists employed in-house. Working alongside your business to tailor your Azure setup to match your organisational goals, a partnership with Fuse provides:

Superior Data Security
At Fuse, we understand that security is a priority for your business when operating cloud applications remotely. Harnessing Azure’s in-built security services – including unrivalled intelligence to identify evolving threats so you can take instant action to defeat them – we can ensure your business operations are protected 24/7, safeguarding your most sensitive assets.

A Solution That Meets The Needs Of Your Business
For two decades, we’ve put people, not machines, at the heart of our IT support. We understand that every business has different goals and needs, so we ensure that Microsoft Azure works for you, increasing the value of your investment and shaping your business structures more efficiently to support your brand as it grows. By investing in Azure through Fuse Collaboration, we equip you with the best and most relevant Azure tools to meet the needs of your business, now and in the future.

Outstanding Technical Support
As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we’re accredited to deliver the highest calibre of personalised technical support, over and above the basic vendor support provided by Microsoft. From data migration to training questions, we’re available when you need us with on-demand advice, and a rapid response to all technical issues.

Flexible Payments That Work For Your Business
At Fuse Collaboration, we offer flexible payment methods that work for your business during times of challenge for many brands, including:

  • No upfront payment or minimum commitment: if it doesn’t work for you, you’re free to leave – that’s how confident we are that Microsoft Azure will transform your business.
  • Monthly invoicing in arrears, for optimum financial transparency.
  • Direct debit payments that leave your account on-time, backed by the Direct Debit guarantee.
  • Lower pricing than many other Microsoft Azure service providers, offering an affordable solution.

Book Your Azure Consultation Today

To find out more about Microsoft Azure and how a partnership with Fuse Collaboration could benefit your business, why not book a free, no-obligation discussion about your Azure requirements? Our Microsoft Certified engineers will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about Azure for your business.

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Fuse is a Microsoft Partner, based in Northampton. We help organisations of all sizes to maximise IT efficiencies through the use of Microsoft cloud computing solutions.

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