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Microsoft Azure

Achieve more, move faster, spend less…
…underpin your IT infrastructure with Azure

So, what is Azure?

Azure is the platform which underpins Microsoft’s cloud computing packages. Putting it simply, Azure is what replaces your on-premises servers when you move your business into the cloud. It is a growing collection of analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and web services, all supported by a network of Microsoft-managed datacentres across the globe that keep your information secure, and systems resilient.

Why is Azure right for business?

Azure supports a range of operating systems, not just Microsoft - choose from multiple platforms to build your perfect solution

Mix and match infrastructure with pre-built services and hybrid systems to reduce costs and complexity

No need to invest in expensive hardware to launch a new system - pay as you grow, and only for what you use

Microsoft’s network of datacentres enables a global presence and reduces the chance of catastrophic failure due to environmental factors

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