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3rd Party Data Processors

Fuse Collaboration Services Ltd. may use the following 3rd parties, in the context of suppliers and sub contractors, as data processors: 
Processor Name Service Description Data Categories Processed Locations Privacy URL GDPR EU Adequacy
Coba Resourcing Limited Group of companies - shared back office functions: finance and payments Account data, service data, transaction data   UK, Switzerland Yes
Microsoft Cloud services and applications  Account data, service data, notification data, enquiry data, correspondence data   UK, Ireland, US  Yes 
Zendesk Support Desk - ticket management and knowledgebase Account data EEA, US, APAC​​​  Yes 
Teamviewer Remote support  Account data, usage data  Germany  Yes 
Westcoast Cloud services and applications, software licences Account data, service data UK​
Docusign Document management  Account data  EEA​  Yes 
Wavenet Unified communications  Service data  UK ​Yes
Hubspot Customer Relationship Management Account data, notification data, enquiry data, correspondence data EEA, US ​Yes

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