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Every educational institution deserves great IT

But what does this mean and how do you go about achieving that?

More than ever schools and universities need access to outstanding IT provision for work both in the classroom and outside the building, and this applies as much for students as it does for staff.

Staff need to have the flexibility to be able to plan their sessions in advance, share information with their colleagues, make sure documents are available whether they are in their classroom, office or at home, and to use state-of-the-art technology to make their lessons relevant to the modern student.

For students, great IT provision means having the ability to work on their assignments both in the classroom and on their home computers and devices, being able to collaborate in teams in person and remotely, and have the latest technology that will prepare them for life in the workplace.

Here at Fuse we understand all of these challenges, and because we put people, not computers, at the heart of our work we ensure that your IT provision serves your needs, not the other way around, making sure that everyone can achieve their full potential.

Why use Fuse?

We're a Microsoft Gold Partner, which puts us among Microsoft’s most highly accredited independent technical service providers

We use what we sell, meaning we know how to get the best out of your packages and licences

We have over 20 years' of experience, but are not stuck in our ways. We believe in using cutting edge technology to underpin any business, giving you state-of-the-art support whether you have one user or 100 users

We think outside the box. One size does not fit all, so tailor our services to use a combination of bespoke solutions with Microsoft's suites of software packages to make sure you have the best possible IT provision that works for you and your needs

You only pay for what you use, regardless of whether your school grows or downsizes, so you can plan your budgeting accordingly

Here are some of the packages and services we offer to educational institutions

IT support

Putting people at the heart of your IT strategy

  • Supporting all your hardware and systems
  • Guaranteed response times and simple reporting process
  • Qualified, experienced engineers
  • Proactive account management
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Data back-up and disaster recovery

Looking after all your data, no matter how big or small your institution

  • Unlimited storage in multiple locations
  • Complete security
  • Cost-effective pricing for academic institutions
  • Long-term storage for student data
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Office 365

A full range of software to underpin your school or college

  • All the packages you need, such as Word, Excel, Teams
  • Licences available on any device
  • Basic package is free for all students and staff
  • Easily upgrade for additional features when needed
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The platform for collaboration, file storage and knowledge sharing

  • Simple and seamless
  • Empower teamwork and development
  • Transform your working processes
  • Engage and inform
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Microsoft Azure

The structure to extend your academic systems to the cloud

  • Supports a range of operating systems
  • No upfront or minimum commitment
  • No need to invest in expensive hardware
  • Full hosting in Microsoft's network of global datacenters
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Microsoft Teams

Teams for students and teachers

  • Enable a secure online classroom
  • Keep remote students engaged
  • On-demand webinars
  • Facilitate Distance Learning
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