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Are Your Backups Enough To Keep Your Business Safe? Time To Think Again

Are Your Backups Enough To Keep Your Business Safe? Time To Think Again

As the world grapples with the challenges of the shift to remote working, there are lots of questions about online safety. Just how safe are we, and how can we increase our protection? You’ve been sending us your questions, and here are some answers from the team at Fuse.

Is My Business Safe?

The short and regrettably blunt answer is probably not. Cyber-crime has seen a dramatic increase since the start of the pandemic, and those statistics reveal that many businesses are not taking the most effective preventative measures. Companies themselves are not to blame for this. Everyone is having to adapt, and we put a lot of trust in software that we hope is robust, authentic, and secure. However, this can be a big gamble in a world where hackers are often one step ahead of the developers. Locked down like the rest of us, 2020 saw cyber criminals bring dramatic rises in data breaches, identity theft, network burrowing, and ransomware.

How Much Of A Problem Is Data Security?

A huge one. The list of companies that fell victim in 2020 is extensive. Included are Estée Lauder, whose security failures revealed 440 million internal records; T-Mobile, whose lax security resulted in all of the employee email accounts being accessed; and Blackbaud, who had to pay a hefty ransomware fee after a particularly vicious hijack led to client data being sold on the Dark Web. 2020 also saw missile design data being stolen from Mitsubishi, and a card skimming bug planted in the online checkouts of Claire’s. The message is clear: even businesses that invest millions into online security is safe from a cyber disaster.  

Is Cloud Backup A Good Disaster Recovery Solution?

Cloud backup is an excellent choice, yes, especially during the pandemic when so many offices are operating remotely. The cloud means speed, and when a cyber-attack happens, speed is everything. Whether it is a ransomware event that closes the company down, or a malware attack that disrupts normal services, the best disaster recovery solution is to be able to access your data in real-time. Cloud backups aren’t the only constituent of a disaster recovery plan, but having them allows companies to pick up exactly where they left off without losing any of their data.

What Else Can I Do To Protect My Company Online?

The type of software you invest in makes a big difference to security. As a general rule, the bigger the provider, the more experienced it will be at offering high levels of protection. Newer companies might offer a chocolate box of functions and features, but they rarely have the financial backing to be able to offer top-grade security. It’s a murky world, so sticking to software vendors that are tried, tested, and well-invested is an important safety belt.

Who Do You Recommend?

At Fuse Collaboration, we work with a range of market-leading secure data backup solutions, and recommend Microsoft’s cloud tools for their strong and reliable inbuilt security features. Microsoft’s cloud platforms offer excellent levels of data protection, and use the most trustworthy cloud servers. If you have any questions about security and the best safeguards to implement for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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