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4 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

4  Reasons Why You Should Choose A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

At Fuse Collaboration, we’re proud to be a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, offering an unrivalled level of service on which your business can depend. With over two decades in the industry, we understand that knowing which IT services provider to work with can be tricky. Many IT service providers display certifications and credentials as evidence of their proficiency; however, it can be difficult to understand what these mean and to separate meaningful certifications from those that are less relevant to your industry.

If you’re keen to ensure your business benefits from the highest level of IT proficiency and knowledge, opt to work with a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. There are several important reasons for this:

1) Always Up To Date

As a market leader, Microsoft is forever improving and updating its software and services, which can only benefit your business. Failing to keep up with the rapidly changing face of IT will only damage your brand’s prospects, particularly if your competitors surge ahead. IT providers with Microsoft Certified Gold Partner status must stay abreast of developments to continue to deliver outstanding service – or risk losing their accreditation. By choosing a Gold Partner, you can be confident you’ll have access to the latest software and training whenever you need.

2) Qualified To Deliver Proof Of Concept

Investing in new software is a critical decision for your business as it can make or break your future success. Blindly opting for a solution purely based on recommendations or reviews risks making an unwise decision, as your chosen software may not meet the needs of your business. Microsoft Gold Partners enjoy access to an extensive range of product licenses so they can offer proof of concept demonstrations for clients. This means you’ll have the chance to test and interrogate IT solutions before making a long-term financial commitment.

3) Advanced Skills That Can’t Be Matched

There really is no substitute for expertise and Microsoft Certified Gold Partners can offer more proficient knowledge and skills than uncertified providers. Only Gold Partners can earn  advanced specialism certifications, offering your business a broader range of bespoke solutions than other providers. For example, if you’re migrating from Windows to Azure, only Gold Partners can earn an advanced specialisation in Azure migration . By choosing a Microsoft Gold Partner, you can be assured of benefitting from knowledge and skills at the cutting edge of technology from experts who are dedicated to their craft.

4) A Direct Route To Microsoft

Sometimes it’s necessary to obtain advanced support from Microsoft Business Solutions. Certified Gold Partners have direct access to Microsoft technical support, receiving rapid responses that don’t leave your business floundering. As soon a problem is identified, a case can be quickly escalated, giving you access to the best technical advice available in the world.

Get In Touch With Fuse Collaboration To Find Out More

If you’re interested in an IT support partnership with a Microsoft Certified Gold business, get in touch with Fuse Collaboration today to find out how our accredited service could benefit you.

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