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Why Use MS Teams To Boost Efficiency While Your Staff Are Working From Home?

Why Use MS Teams To Boost Efficiency While Your Staff Are Working From Home?

Remote working has become the norm for most companies due to coronavirus, and this trend is likely to continue in some form when the pandemic is over. That's because business owners have recognised that they can reduce their overheads and increase employee satisfaction by allowing their staff to work from home.

However, it can be difficult to ensure that your employees are working efficiently when they are working remotely, and that's where Microsoft Teams comes in.

Here are three reasons why it's the ideal collaboration platform for business owners who want to maintain - or even increase - their remote workforce's efficiency:


1) It's Specifically Designed For Businesses


Working from home can be isolating and your employees could lose focus without their usual meetings. Therefore, engaging in regular voice and video calls with colleagues, suppliers, and clients could help them to stay on track. While there are a number of platforms that can be used for instant messaging, calls, and video conferencing, most are designed for general chat. Microsoft Teams, however, is part of Office 365, and was created with the needs of businesses in mind. You can use all of your key Microsoft applications with it, including PowerPoint, SharePoint, Word, and Excel. You and your team members can share key information before, during, or after meetings so that everybody is on the same page. You can even ask your staff to set Microsoft Teams out of office messages, so you can see when they aren't at their desks.


2) It's Flexible And Can Be Customised


When you use Microsoft Teams, not only can you facilitate group meetings and private chats, but you’ll also have the option of establishing different channels for conversations about specific subjects. You can organise your workspace so that staff can access everything they need from a single dashboard. What's more, many third-party providers, including Asana,, and HireVue, have created Microsoft Teams meetings apps. You can utilise these to add extra features to your workspace, such as project management tools, or polls and quizzes to keep your staff members engaged.


3) It's Compliant And Secure


As an Office 365 component, Microsoft Teams uses the same cloud - and this has enterprise-grade security. Therefore, you won't have to worry about the security of your conversations or documents. As a result, you'll be able to work as freely and efficiently from home as you would if you were at your company office. Microsoft Teams utilises multi-factor authentication and data encryption to ensure that your business information is safe.


Next Steps


With such impressive features, you may be surprised to learn that Microsoft Teams is also a low-cost option, available for free as a basic package, and included within an Office 365 subscription with full features and functionality. By working with Fuse Collaboration, we can ensure you get the best value and efficiency-benefits from Teams and other cloud-based platforms, increasing your productivity and ROI. Please book a needs assessment consultation to find out more.


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