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Benefits Of Using Microsoft Teams Compared To Other Software

Microsoft Teams

With the popularity of remote working soaring in recent months, more people than ever are relying on conferencing solutions to stay in touch with colleagues and customers. The rapid growth of the Internet, the Cloud, and the Internet of Things (IoT) makes face-to-face meetings a thing of the past; additional functionality to share documents, files, and screens in a virtual office environment transcends the traditional model of a single place of work, with stakeholders connected seamlessly wherever they are.

While the urgent need for improved connectivity in 2020 created some household names out of several conferencing apps, one – Microsoft Teams – has led the way. As the fastest growing app in the company’s history, MS Teams is trusted by more than 330,000 businesses worldwide: so why do so many businesses rely on Microsoft Teams?

Improved Productivity

In business, poor use of time is costly. Scheduling meetings involving colleagues in remote locations, completing after-meeting administration (such as emailing multiple copies of the same document), consumes disproportionate amounts of time. In contrast, Microsoft Teams increases productivity with in-built document sharing, modifying, and retrieval tools, so that all stakeholders can access the same information at the same time, with live edits visible to everyone.

Less Email

Once the most convenient way to communicate with colleagues, email inboxes have become troublesome and time-consuming to manage. Individual emails must be replied to separately, while an influx of spam and promotions means important messages can sometimes be missed. With MS Teams, emails are  . Structured conversations allow users to reply in bulk, while chat is perfect for extracting a fast response to a simple question, without needless delays.

Enriched Communication

Microsoft Teams integrates seamlessly with Office 365, so switching apps to share and work on a document is unnecessary. For increased productivity and better communication, Word, PowerPoint, or Excel documents can be created in MS Teams and shared with colleagues instantly for discussion and revision. By creating a single version of the truth, the days of exchanging multiple versions of the same document and assimilating many alterations are long gone.

Any Time And Place Connectivity

With remote working a popular option for businesses, it’s vital that their employees can access the tools they need, to work productively and collaboratively. MS Teams runs on any device, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and – with a reliable Internet connection – can be accessed from any location at any time.

The Benefits Of Partnership With Fuse Collaboration

It is worth bearing in mind that most Microsoft Teams reviews comment on some negative aspects of the app – getting employees to adapt to a new form of communication, challenges in customising permission settings, or the unclear file storage structure, for example.

However, working with an experienced IT specialist, such as Fuse Collaboration, can simplify the entire process and ensure that expert support is on-hand, whenever you need, to guide you through the initial set up. For more information, please get in touch today.


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