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Why  Should You Purchase Your Microsoft 365 Enterprise Subscription Through Fuse?

Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Microsoft applications have been the bedrock of business operations for decades, providing excellent functionality, integration, and document management for both small and large organisations. With the growth of the Cloud, Microsoft 365 Enterprise now delivers a full suite of  apps for businesses, fusing Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility + Security to help keep them at the forefront of their industry in a fast-changing world.

Why Should I Purchase My Subscription From Fuse?

With millions of businesses already subscribing to Microsoft 365 independently, what do you stand to gain from accessing the suite through a managed service provider, such as Fuse Collaboration?

As a Microsoft 365 expert , Fuse Collaboration is the ideal partner for any business seeking a convenient, seamless migration to 365 Enterprise, without frustrating and costly teething troubles or long-term problems.

At Fuse Collaboration, we can support your business by:

  • Ensuring full deployment of Microsoft 365 Enterprise to get your team up and running, with minimal disruption to business operations.
  • Full end-user support to ensure your team understands how to get the best from the software and to streamline business operations effectively.
  • Expert advice to ensure you choose between E3 and E5 appropriately, or choose a suitable mix of the two, to ensure that your Microsoft 365 Enterprise subscription meets the unique needs of your business.


Microsoft 365 Business Enterprise Or 365 Business: Which Is Best For My Company?

Microsoft Enterprise 365 is suited to businesses that have over 300 users or a more complex IT infrastructure. Available in two versions – E3 and E5 – Microsoft 365 Enterprise can be purchased via Fuse Collaboration as part of our managed services, providing professional assistance with deployment and ongoing end-user support.

E3 and E5 offer hybrid capabilities and are therefore perfect for businesses moving to the Cloud or with multiple servers in different locations. E5 features additional conferencing and security features for businesses spread across different locations. Microsoft 365 Business is a good option for smaller businesses and provides an ideal starting point that can be scaled up to 365 Enterprise as they evolve and grow.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about purchasing your Microsoft 365 Enterprise subscription from Fuse Collaboration, simply get in touch with our experts today.

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Fuse is a Microsoft Partner, based in Northampton. We help organisations of all sizes to maximise IT efficiencies through the use of Microsoft cloud computing solutions.

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