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Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity consulting for Small Businesses, Education and Charities


With highly qualified staff, and state-of-the-art technology, Fuse provide strategic and scalable cybersecurity solutions tailored to the changing needs of organisations in the UK. 

Protect Your Business Today with Information Security Services  

Based in Northampton, Fuse’s team of experts help businesses, charities, and educational institutions protect their livelihoods through cybersecurity consulting and managed services.  

Fuse offer comprehensive cybersecurity services tailored specifically for small businesses, helping to shield against data breaches, preserve your reputation, and ensure legal compliance—all while streamlining your business operations. 

Here's how our cybersecurity services can empower and protect your business:

Fuse use these benefits to deliver comprehensive protections designed to grow with your business as the digital landscape develops. You can learn more about how cybersecurity is changing in this article.  

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Discuss your cybersecurity needs with one of our consultants and we'll put your mind at ease with recommendations tailored to your situation.

Why Choose Fuse As Your Cybersecurity Company  

When you choose Fuse for your cybersecurity consultancy and managed services, you gain access to the following unique benefits:

Microsoft Partner 

Our affiliation with Microsoft guarantees high-quality, technically superior solutions. 

Tailored Services 

We build a bespoke roadmap to a modern office that fits the specifications of your business, not a generic template. 

A Lived Experience  

We don't just provide services; we use them in-house, giving us unmatched operational insights and confidence in our recommendations.  

Over 20 Years of Experience 

You can trust in our extensive knowledge of IT support and strategic planning for your business with testimonials, case studies and insight from our clients, many of whom we have worked with for years.   

Cost-Effective and Scalable 

Our pay-as-you-go model ensures you pay for what you use, scaling services when necessary, and a small price to pay compared to the fine or ransom demands you are risking without a robust security posture.  


We believe that cybersecurity is not just a service we offer, but a partnership we build with our clients. We invite you to take the first step in securing your digital future—schedule a free consultation with one of our experts by calling 01604 797979 now.  


There are many offerings available in the area of IT support, O365, Azure etc etc. Finding an organisation skilled with resource that can advise at 1st point, fix at first point and equally able to follow up with a full e2e service is rare especially at an affordable rate with value.

It says something when support are chasing you and not you chasing support.

Having run enterprise support myself for household brand, I cant recommend these guys highly enough. If you are a SME or even a Micro business make sure you speak to these guys. They will end up at the top of your list for IT Support and Technical Operations allowing you to focus on your business.

Adam Bell

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Protect your small business with powerful, flexible cybersecurity solutions from Fuse. Don't wait for an attack; be prepared for it by filling in the contact for below. 

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