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3 Advantages of Microsoft Teams For Small Businesses

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft's premier remote working collaboration suite, available to all Windows users since March 2017. Users can login from any up-to-date Windows machine with an Internet connection. Teams allows users to create and share Office documents (including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), webpages, and presentations via group workspaces and integrated video webchats.

Fully compatible with Skype and Office365, Teams lets users work on group collaborations and create shared work schedules over the Internet. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Teams has rapidly grown in popularity with businesses large and small, due to its flexibility and range of features.
How can Microsoft Teams benefit small businesses? Here are our top three picks from its wide selection of features.

1) Free Cloud Storage!

A big advantage of Teams for SMEs is that Microsoft provides scalable cloud space for you to store your projects, media, and chat logs. With 5GB of free personal storage per user you could save vast amounts of time, effort, and money on cloud space for your files. More space is available on a tiered plan, if need be.

2) Real-Time Collaborations With Screen Sharing

Did you know that Teams allows multiple users to simultaneously edit files? By using Team's web platform with Office 365, you can create communal documents, databases, and presentations that combine the best of your staff's knowledge and skills. Screen sharing allows you to reference scanned paper files, too, without the need for printouts. All you need is an account and Internet connection for each remote worker.

3) Compatibility With More Than 250 Third Party Apps

Another advantage is the ease with which Teams interfaces with other MS and third party programs, including the Adobe Creative Suite, increasing productivity and efficiency. Teams runs on Android and iOS devices too, not only Windows operating systems.

Microsoft Teams Support From Fuse Collaboration

Fuse Collaboration provides flexible managed IT support plans to enhance collaboration and make it easier for your business to work remotely. If you think Microsoft Teams could benefit you or your business, or would like to find out more, get in touch today.  


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