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4 Reasons The Pandemic Has Made Backups More Important Than Ever

4 Reasons The Pandemic Has Made Backups More Important Than Ever

The Coronavirus Crisis has been a collaborative learning experience for everyone. We’ve had to think on our feet and master new technology, all whilst losing the familiarity of our usual routines. And – let’s face it – we’re surviving and thriving. One of the things we’ve had to learn very swiftly is that backups really do matter. Here are four reasons why.

1) Data Matters

Data has been something of a Marmite word for the last decade or so. On the one hand, it has turned the concept of privacy on its head, ushering in complex new legislation. On the other hand, we all rely upon it. Organisations need data for everything from inventory management to customer relations, making it ultimately responsible for PR. When data flows grind to a halt, everybody loses.

With robust backups in place, data is never lost, systems keep running smoothly, and software platforms continue to provide accurate results.

2) Security Needs Are Changing

The phenomenon of remote working took much of the software world by surprise. Cyber criminals, however, were pre-prepped and ready to go. The plethora of vulnerabilities in many apps has given hackers a data feast, with companies that are new to the digital economy being the main targets. Like the new kid at school, anyone who is trying to find their feet in an unnatural environment becomes an easy target.

Backups dramatically reduce the chance of a cyber-attack causing a serious dent to your business. If the punch does come, it enables you to get back up and running instantly. Investing in software that has guaranteed inbuilt security improves your chances of preventing a problem.

3) Your Remote Workers Are Vulnerable

When everybody works under one roof, security is par for the course. Keys to the cash register can be entrusted to one person, cameras can monitor at-risk areas, and the doors are locked at night. In a remote working environment, none of this applies. If one of your employees hasn’t updated their software, they are not only leaving the door open, but they’re also tipping the data out and placing a giant neon “free to collect” sign for added effect.

These times are already anxiety-inducing, so knowing that the company is protected by cloud backup can make a real difference to stress levels.

4) Access Problems

Traditional backups were stored on large office servers, or on tapes or hard drives off-site. Now we have the cloud. For many, the cloud has always had an aura of mystery about it. After all, when data seems to float about in thin air without being connected to something solid, it can feel hard to trust it. However, the cloud is a highly reliable and advanced mechanism that provides next-generation backup security. This is particularly important in an era where the last generation’s backup solution – the hard drive – might be locked up in an office that nobody can access due to Covid.

With the cloud, you have personalised access to your data anywhere, anytime. In the event of an emergency, you’ll always be covered.


Whether your business runs on paper or digital, data is vital. Protecting that data has always been important, but during an era where a pandemic has led to a rise in crime, it is more important than ever. At Fuse Collaboration, we put our faith in Microsoft 365 and a range of independent, managed cloud backup solutions tailored to the needs of your business. To learn more about its benefits, please speak to one of our Managed IT specialists.

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