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5 Reasons You Should Use Microsoft SharePoint

5 Reasons You Should Use Microsoft SharePoint

If your organisation needs to improve continuity and collaboration across departments and devices, Microsoft SharePoint is a fantastic solution that is certain to overhaul the way you do business. A web-based application that puts document management and collaboration at the heart of business operations, Microsoft SharePoint fuses an intranet with content management, using a familiar Office 365-style interface for simplicity.

Could your business benefit from Microsoft SharePoint? With over 75% of Fortune 500 companies using the platform, including major media corporation Viacom, there’s little doubt that SharePoint has an invaluable role to play in structuring modern business.

The Top Business Benefits Of Microsoft SharePoint

At Fuse Collaboration, we’ve worked with clients since the turn of the century to harness Microsoft SharePoint benefits to streamline their business models. Invest in SharePoint and you can expect to reap the following rewards:

1) Integrated Multi-Purpose Functionality

Flexibility is at the heart of Microsoft SharePoint. Functioning as an intranet, the platform facilitates information sharing, interdepartmental contacts , and task scheduling, among other features. Administrators can create different permissions for personnel according to their roles, status, and need-to-know, while routine tasks – document sharing, social networking, file management, and business information – are simple to generate .

2) Document Management And Collaboration

Information sharing and management is crucial to streamlined business, eradicating the wasteful duplication of data and optimising workflow by reducing time spent on unnecessary tasks. Microsoft SharePoint facilitates the logical organisation of business information so that it can be easily accessed by anyone in the company. With everyone in-the-loop, it’s easier for your staff to make informed decisions, meet deadlines, and contribute to the strategy and direction of your business.

3) Centralised Administration

Platforms that are cumbersome to manage simply create more problems than they’re worth, but Microsoft SharePoint puts easy administration at the fore. System administrators can access operation functions quickly, such as security setting, back-ups, and site data. They can also perform other important tasks, including restorations and user privileges, from a single, user-friendly dashboard.

4) Site Consolidation

Siloed site administration is costly and time-consuming, but with SharePoint you can integrate all your shared work environment on a single platform. By consolidating web-based and intranet sites, your teams can benefit from easier access and site management.

5) Ease-Of-Use

Finally, one key benefit that your entire team will thank you for! Microsoft SharePoint is designed to be simple, without the need for specialist developers to enhance your website or build database management systems. With all the tools built-in, SharePoint empowers your personnel to design and create solutions that meet the unique needs of your business. Managed support from Fuse makes implementation even easier, with targeted skills-based training that helps your team start using SharePoint to its full potential straightaway.

Want To Find Out More About Microsoft SharePoint? Get In Touch Today.

At Fuse Collaboration, we provide Microsoft SharePoint as part of our suite of flexible managed IT services. To find out more, simply get in touch with our Microsoft certified experts today.

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